How NOT to Get Beat Up - Stories from Storm Survivors

DaVinci stories from storm survivors
September 2, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.

Is your roof ready for hurricane season? Here's what homeowners need to know about being "roof-ready."

September is the “red zone” of Hurricane Season. The time when forecaster warnings start to pile up fast. You don’t need to live directly on the coast to worry about hurricanes. High winds and lashing rains can travel inland for hundreds of miles. What’s a homeowner to do? Check your roof and get prepared.

Be roof-ready for a hurricane

When a hurricane hits, the most vulnerable parts of the home are the windows, entry doors, garage door and the roof. Once any of these aspects of the structure is compromised, the interior of your home is subject to severe winds and flooding.

This is one of the chief reasons why composite slate and shake roofs, like those from DaVinci Roofscapes, are such a great investment for people living in hurricane-prone areas. Many roofing products simply don’t hold up to severe winds and strong rain associated with hurricane conditions. However, composite roofing by DaVinci does.

This material is so strong that it has passed the strictest industry standards to earn a Class 4 impact rating. In addition, it’s passed the stringent criteria for products approved for use in Miami-Dade County. And, DaVinci roofing is certified for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (TAS 125, up to 180 mph).

What homeowners are saying        

Port St. Joe, Florida resident George Fleet evacuated before Hurricane Michael hit his coastal home in 2018. When he came back, he was stunned. Despite devastating 150 mph winds that had whipped through the area, his was the only completely intact beachfront house standing for miles.

“When I returned, there stood my perfect home,” says Fleet. “It’s a blessing that my DaVinci roofing did exactly what it was designed to do — protect my home from a hurricane. I selected the DaVinci product for both its appearance and durability. Now look at it … this roof has survived a Category 4 storm and still looks great!”

Mary and Larry Anderson, also Florida residents, had a similar experience. 90+ mph winds from Hurricane Irma battered their new coastal dream home in 2017.

“We just finished construction a few weeks before Hurricane Irma hit,” says Larry Anderson. “We know the DaVinci composite tiles are made to meet Miami Dade Code approvals, but we didn’t think they’d be tested so soon. There wasn’t a leak at all … this roof held up extremely well to Mother Nature.”

Hurricane Irma didn’t stop in Florida. It also made its way to the British Virgin Islands. That’s where the Category 5 storm damaged 85 percent of the island’s homes. Fortunately, Brent Brydon had installed DaVinci Multi-Width Shake on his home.

“Roofs were stripped off homes all over the island,” says Brydon. “Bark was peeled off trees. It looked like a war zone. Yet, our roof sustained very minor damage. We’ve seen first-hand how these DaVinci tiles hold up over time and through extreme weather conditions. This is an impressive product.”

Standing up to mother nature

Learn more about how winds can impact the roof on your home during a hurricane or other severe weather by reading the stories below. You’ll find out about straight line and pressurized winds, how to handle storm damage repairs, and how composite roofs can handle repeat storms. Visit for more information on durable DaVinci roofing products:

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