How a Double Roof System Can Reduce Heat

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July 1, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By LP Building Solutions. 

With a ventilated double roof system, homeowners facing extreme heat will have a reduced home temperature. 

Homeowners who live in warmer areas are likely thinking about how to reduce the temperature of their homes. When your home is cool, you are more comfortable, and you can see a reduction in their energy bill as well. One way to cool a home is by having a ventilated double roof system, like the TechShield® Radiant Barrier sheathing from LP Building Solutions. Here’s how the system works: 

What is a ventilated double roof system? 

A ventilated double roof system is a roof assembly that includes a series of two types of sheathing — one on top of the other — to allow for ventilation.  

In comparison, an unvented attic involves a roof assembly in which insulation is placed against the roof deck. In this case, a radiant barrier cannot be used because it requires an air gap between the insulation and the sheathing.  

However, a ventilated double roof system allows for the air gap, which means radiant barrier sheathing, like LP TechShield Radiant Barrier, can function properly and air can escape. 

Which climate areas benefit from ventilated double roof systems in homes? 

Areas of the United States that experience consistent bouts of extreme heat require special consideration when it comes to home design. Ventilated double roof systems can make a significant impact for residents of warmer states, such as Arizona, Florida and California. 

Some of these areas can also experience high humidity, making a water-resistive barrier critical as well. LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier, which can be used for roof sheathing, becomes an important part of double roof systems in these areas, helping to ensure that water and air have a way to escape. 

By designing ventilated double roof systems, homeowners will have not only a more comfortable home but a more efficient home as well. 

Benefits of a double roof  

A ventilated double roof’s benefits start with energy efficiency — with this type of roof, less energy is required to cool the attic. This can lead to energy savings for the homeowner and a more comfortable space. Additionally, this type of roof also reduces the temperature on the insulation in place and on the shingles, which helps contribute to energy efficiency. 

A double roof system also contributes to a home’s longevity. The two may not seem connected, but this type of roof system is a great way to create redundancies in a home’s construction, which helps mitigate potential issues.  

For example, if roof sheathing leaks in a typical roof assembly, it may be hard to discover the issue quickly. This could lead to greater damage, including structural damage and loss of energy efficiency from wet insulation. 

However, with a double roof system, one layer of sheathing can be dedicated to moisture management (such as LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier). This will help direct water away from the assembly, while the other parts of the assembly can continue working effectively. 

In addition, LP TechShield Radiant Barrier does its part in moisture management with VaporVents™ technology, designed to allow any trapped moisture to escape during and after installation. It also helps builders meet energy codes due to its contribution to a home’s energy efficiency. 

Original article source: LP Building Solutions

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