Homeowner Finally Finds Roofing Material That Can Handle the Colorado Weather

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October 11, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.  

Maintaining a cedar shake roof can feel like putting a band-aid on a broken arm, tired of temporary fixes, this homeowner decided to replace her roof with a more durable option. 

It was time to face facts; time and weather had taken the toll on homeowner Pam Lariviere’s cedar shingled roof. Her 1995 cedar shake roof needed more and more roof repairs after years of extreme weather. “This summer we had an unusual number of damaging hailstorms combined with high winds. After each storm, we found splintered bits and pieces of wood shakes on the ground,” said Pam. Maintaining the roof was becoming a continued project. “We decided that rather than continue to use a Band-Aid approach to maintain the roof, it was time to replace it.” 

Searching for a new roof 

Lariviere wanted to keep the look and feel of her original roof, but she knew another real cedar roof was out of the question. She was tired of being penalized by rising insurance premiums because of the real cedar shakes. She was ready for a roofing product that would stand up to their rough Colorado weather conditions. 

After doing a great deal of online research, Lariviere discovered DaVinci products and the positive online reviews. 

“I contacted the headquarters for DaVinci and Danielle Wiese in customer service was very helpful,” says Lariviere. “She sent us composite shake samples, answered many questions and provided addresses of homes and country clubs in our area so we could go see what the composite roofing product looked like in person. 

“We discovered that DaVinci products most closely resemble the profile of a cedar shake roof without the costly maintenance issues of real cedar. We also determined that the composite shake roof delivered on performance with its Class A fire rating, Class 4 impact resistance and 110 mph wind rating. Those impressive features sold us on the DaVinci roofing product.” 

Changing HOA rules 

After making the decision to invest in a composite shake roof, Lariviere next had to gain permission to install a composite roof from her homeowner's association. The Kissing Camels community is made up of 600 homes governed by strict rules and covenants. 

“I met personally with the Architectural Control Committee and explained what I’d learned about the benefits of a composite roof,” says Lariviere. “I shared with them the aesthetics, performance and improved home values of using such a product. The Committee unanimously approved our roof and is the process of updating the guidelines to include DaVinci roof shingle examples for other homeowners.” 

Selecting color 

With that hurdle behind her, Lariviere set her sights on making a color selection. She went back to DaVinci for assistance. 

“We had decided on a Bellaforté Shake roof and narrowed our color selection to either a Mountain or Tahoe blend,” says the homeowner. “That’s when Danielle offered to connect us with Kate Smith, a national color expert, to gain her insights. 

“Kate’s advice was very insightful. The Mountain color matched our dark window trim, but as Kate pointed out, the Tahoe blend would better integrate our home into the surrounding environment with Pike’s Peak as a backdrop.” 

According to Smith, who offers free color advice regularly to DaVinci customers, the homeowners couldn’t go wrong with either color. “Mountain would have more ‘weight’ on this house, giving it a stronger presence,” says Smith, chief color maven at Sensational Color. “However, the circular drive and entry of the home look like they might blend nicely with Tahoe. 

“The area around the house also seems to have this color, so Tahoe would integrate the home into the surrounding environment. The slightly lighter colors in the Tahoe blend would also be nice on a single-story home.” 

Roofer insights 

With her roofing product and Tahoe color selected, Lariviere next set out to find a roofer to make her roof replacement dreams come true. 

Her search brought her to Krueger Brothers Construction, a small family-owned business out of Colorado Springs dedicated to exceptional service for their projects. 

“Hail and wildfire concerns in our area are driving many roofing changes,” says Michael Krueger, vice president of Krueger Brothers Construction. “We’re definitely seeing more communities and individual homeowners move away from old wood shake shingles to fire-resistant, impact-resistant composite roofing products. 

“As an example, on August 6th of this year there was a huge hailstorm in this area with three- to four-inch sized hail. This tore apart many real cedar roofs. The only roofs I saw unaffected by this storm were those made of steel or DaVinci composite roofing. 

“The DaVinci product is a win-win for any homeowner replacing a roof in our area. They get a beautiful looking roof that can really stand up to our unpredictable weather conditions.” 

Talk of the neighborhood 

With her new composite shake roof in place, Lariviere and her family can rest easier. Their home is protected from Mother Nature and they’re becoming the talk of the neighborhood. 

“Neighbors are very complimentary of the authentic look of our new DaVinci roof,” says Lariviere. “On our street alone, four of our neighbors are considering the product.” 

The family has also discovered other benefits of the composite roof. 

“We have already experienced our first rainstorm since putting on the DaVinci roof and it’s even quieter than our old shingle roof,” says the homeowner. “And, we’re now receiving a discount on our homeowners' insurance because of our new roof. 

“Unfortunately, the risk of wildfires and hailstorms appears to be increasing in Colorado. As a homeowner, we needed to do our best to protect the investment in our home. For us, that meant having a no-worries DaVinci shake roof installed.” 

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Original article source: DaVinci Roofscapes 


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