Fight Against Extreme Temperatures With Metal Roofing

Isaiah Extreme Weather
August 2, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Isaiah Industries. 

Understand the reason why homeowners should consider switching to metal roofs. 

As we face an increasingly harsh climate with rising temperatures and wildfires rampant across the globe, proper home heating and cooling systems have become critical. Another way homeowners can guard against extreme heat is by replacing their current roof with a metal roof. By focusing efforts on installing more energy-efficient materials, like metal roofs, you can decrease your heating and cooling costs while helping manage extreme heat. 

Our metal roofs employ heat-reflective coatings that lower inside temps and reduce the effort needed from heating and cooling systems. This effect is so drastic that it can reduce energy bills by up to 20%. One Arizona homeowner experienced these savings when he installed a Classic Metal Roof.  

Solar Reflectance and heat 

Solar Reflectance and Solar Reflectance Index measurements consider the amount of solar heat reflected from a roof and offer a way to compare different colors, coatings and styles to see what fits your home best. These values are critical to understanding your roof’s performance in the heat.  

For reference, SR/SRI places your roof on a spectrum between pure white and pure black. This sets white at 1 SRI and black at 0 SRI. While white reflects nearly all heat and sunlight, black absorbs almost all of both. No matter the color of your roof, it will fall somewhere between the two. Generally speaking, the lighter the roof’s color, the better it will reflect heat and the closer the SRI to 1. The darker the color, the more heat it will absorb and the closer the SRI to 0.  

While color plays a part in this value, material and coatings play a significant role too. Asphalt tends to soak up heat, much like a hot driveway in the summer or leather seats in a car. Metal would absorb heat, but with the proper coating, it can reflect much of it. These coatings take advantage of evolving technology to provide not just heat reflectivity but durability too.  

We manufacture all Classic Metal Roofs using the premier coating for metal roofing products, PVDF. Sometimes referred to as Kynar, PVDF offers superior durability and heat reflectivity to other coatings. Especially when dealing with high UV exposure, PVDF outperforms polyester coatings and retains its color for much longer. 

Help manage extreme heat and save energy 

As temperatures climb, the sun wears on your roof and increases the cooling load. Investing in a metal roof with a PVDF coating improves your home’s energy efficiency and will stay beautiful for years to come. 

Still not sure? See how a Classic Metal Roof looks in the color of your choice on your home with our Product Visualizer

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About Isaiah Industries 

Since 1980, Isaiah Industries has led the way in the design and production of specialty steep slope metal roof systems. With products that resemble shingles, wood shakes, slate, and tile, Isaiah’s products offer durability, energy efficiency, fire safety and pre-formed components to simplify installation. 

Isaiah’s products are used on residences across North America as well as on multi-family projects, religious buildings and light commercial spaces.  

The company focuses on bringing as much as they can to the relationships with the contractors they serve. Their team members have great experience as well as caring expertise, knowing that they are successful only when the companies selling and installing their products are successful.

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