ElastoPav Rolls Out Their New Lightweight Flashing Compound

Bitec Elasopav
September 16, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

Bitec has a lot to be proud of, especially their recently rolled out lightweight flashing compound. 

“We are really proud of the products we put out,” says Bitec Vice President of Operations Joel Shealey. “We've really remained committed to our quality.” 

This year at IRE, Bitec rolled out an expanded Imper-Sol™ coating line with three different products, an acrylic, a silicone and a SEBS line. Additionally, they unveiled their ElastoPav flashing compound and sealant line.  

ElastoPav is a one-part moisture-cured system. “It's a great system for any contractor to use to fill pitch pans or to flash pipe penetrations on any other number of surfaces on the roof,” says Joel. The line features two products: the sealant, which comes in a typical caulk tube and the flashing compound that comes in a two-liter pouch.  

The pouches are a fantastic innovation because they are very light and easy to carry onto the roof. (You can see our COO’s amazement when she was able to pick up the product in our IRE LIVE with Bitec video!). The bag is resealable and will seal at least four, two inch penetrations, making it easy to do repair with minimal effort, meaning your roof gets repaired faster.  

“As we said, we were on this theme of BiTec 2.0, we've got more things in the hopper,” Joel teases to RCS in our LIVE with Bitec video.  

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About Bitec 

Bitec, Inc.™ is a leading manufacturer and distributor of some of the industry’s highest-quality APP and SBS modified bitumen membranes. Since its founding in 1986, Bitec has remained committed to providing its customers with only the most innovative and highest-quality modified bitumen products. 

BITEC, Inc. offers a full line of modified bitumen waterproofing and roofing membranes suited for most commercial and industrial applications. BITEC membranes offer the contractor both conventional and current methods of application, and are available in either smooth surface or mineral surface in a variety of colors.

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