Design Your Home Exterior With New 3D Immersive Experience

Davinci 3D Immersive Experience
February 2, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

Get ready to discover a boundless array of interesting and colorful exterior home products! The new Immersive Experience from Westlake Royal Building Products™ puts you in control of choosing the roofing, siding, trim and accents for three different home styles.

Follow an online avatar as he helps you select products for a custom, mid-range or multi-home style property. Then, interact with the home by choosing different hotspots to learn about product details and color options. There are six different color alternatives for each product, so you’ve got lots to choose from.

Next, travel from the front to the rear elevation of the home. Engage with different interactive features along the way. You’ll uncover boundless brand information and color schemes, giving you ideas on how the roof you select matches up with different elements of the home exterior.

Color Me Happy!

Kate Smith, Chief Color Maven at Sensational Color, was recruited to assist with creating six difference color combinations for each of the home exteriors. She believes in the “top down” approach to home design that creates a unified, cohesive home appeal.

“My first selection was DaVinci® Roofscapes Province™ Slate for the custom home,” says Smith. “This single-width composite roofing has a fixed 8-inch exposure. It looks very authentic and pairs beautifully with this house design. I selected the European blend, a favorite with customers, designers, and architects. The mix of Light, Medium, and Dark Gray, plus a warm purplish-brown accent tile, adds dimension to the top of the home.”

Visit the 3D interactive Immersive Experience online to see the colors of stone siding and trim pieces that work best with the composite slate roofing Smith selected for the custom home.  You can see the other color choices she recommends along with the option of DaVinci Select Shake on the roof!

While on the site, explore the expressive product textures available from Westlake Royal Building Products. You’ll find everything from Eldorado Stone and Cultured Stone to Zuri® Premium Decking and Royal Trim. There’s also TruExterior® Siding and Trim, Kindred® outdoor elements, roofing from Unified Steel™ and Newpoint™, along with sidewall treatments from Versetta Stone®. The Westlake product options continue with Celect® Composite Siding and Trim, Cedar Renditions™ aluminum siding, and Foundry® and Royal® Estate™  siding. Finally, there are shutter options from Mid-America® and Atlantic Premium Shutters®.

Go ahead and immerse yourself … you’ll have a great time picking out a new roof, and perhaps some other new exterior products to go with it!

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