Contractor Insights: Andy Langham, Langham and Sons Roofing

DaVinci Roofscapes Andy Langham
October 18, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.

Andy Langham, owner of Langham and Sons, answers homeowners' top composite roofing questions.

Looking for quick answers to roofing questions? You’ll find them right here. Our “Contractor Insights” feature brings you down-to-earth responses to key areas of roofing every homeowner should know. This month we’re featuring Andy Langham, Owner of Langham and Sons, located in Danville, Kentucky.

Q: What are the top three things homeowners should ask a roofer about when looking for a replacement roof?

A: Actually, I’ll give you four. Start by asking for referrals and the company’s experience with roofing. Then inquire about the workmanship warranty they offer. Next, get specific details on the company’s history. Finally, ask to see copies of the company’s insurance paperwork.

Q: Why should homeowners seriously consider composite roofing when looking for a roof?

A: There are three key reasons: appearance, performance and return-on-investment. Composites are very realistic-looking, and stay that way for decades into the future. The performance area is a slam dunk in that no asphalt product can compete. Realizing a return on the expense of the roof when the home is sold is another asset all together. Those who consider composite typically start with research on appearance, so explaining performance is an added bonus!

Q: What are your best “homeowner survival tips” for getting through a roofing installation?

A: Homeowners need to understand what to expect from a reroofing project. There’s lots of noise and mess. You may want to board pets. Consider any artwork or pictures that may fall off the walls with the pounding. Identify grandma’s prized rose bushes in advance to the roofing team. Make sure to tell the contractor all your specific concerns and needs before installation. They will appreciate it and everyone will be less frustrated.

Q: If there’s storm damage involved to a roof, what tips do you have for a homeowner working with an insurance adjuster?

A: My approach is to always let the insurance adjuster do their job. Homeowners don’t need storm chasers telling insurance adjusters how to do their jobs. That said, having a good roofing contractor present during the inspection to help address any concerns from the adjustor or homeowner is always nice.

Q: Why has your company chosen to recommend DaVinci composite roofing to your customers?

A: After having installed almost every product in the roofing world, we’ve found that the value and performance of DaVinci is hard to match. When compared to other synthetics, DaVinci has never failed me. I’ve installed composite roofing from other companies and have been unimpressed. I even had several times when I was brought back to deal with warranty claims related to cracking and curling. In all the years we’ve been installing DaVinci products, that has never happened to us.

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