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3M Building Eco-Friendly
November 2, 2021 at 12:00 p.m.

By 3M. 

Survey results shed light on whether homeowners consider the environment in their home renovation projects. 

3M conducted a survey with 1,500 homeowners who had engaged in a home renovation project to learn whether they considered the environment in their home renovation projects during the pandemic.  

Home renovations and improvements during the pandemic 

It wasn’t long after sheltering in place that people uncovered a silver lining to being at home more often. With new routines and habits, as well as unexpected down time, homeowners tackled interior, exterior and outdoor home renovation projects at an unexpected rate. This even caught industry analysts by surprise and caused them to reverse their projections from decline to growth. 

Types of projects 

  • 53% were interior projects (e.g., kitchen, bath, basement) 

  • 23% were exterior projects (e.g., roofing, siding, windows) 

  • 24% were outdoor projects (e.g., decks, pools, additions) 

Top survey findings include:  

1 - Homeowners rely on professionals. 

  • 71% of homeowners used professional contractors to complete their home renovation projects entirely or partially. 

  • 42% of homeowners that relied on advice from other individuals stated that contractors influenced them the most. 

2 - Homeowners desire more eco-friendly choices for construction materials 

  • 45% of homeowners surveyed chose eco-friendly construction materials for their last renovation project and 70% plan to choose eco-friendly construction materials for their next project. 

  • 71% feel broader society will move toward eco-friendly construction materials.  

3 - Homeowners are influenced by their friends and family.     

  • 66% of homeowners surveyed feel they are doing enough.  

  • 52% of homeowners stated they would be more active in considering eco-friendly materials if their friends and family were doing so. 

4 - Homeowners want more eco-friendly options.    

  • 56% of homeowners feel every product should have an eco-friendly component. 

  • Two-thirds of homeowners surveyed felt that the construction industry should offer more eco-friendly options.  

5 - Recycling and waste reduction are top-of-mind.        

  • 39% of homeowners believe the construction industry should prioritize the reduction of waste for a sustainable future.    

  • Recycling and reducing waste are #1 on the list of activities homeowners believe impact the environment most. 

Individuals have an influential voice 

Not only do homeowners find eco-friendly products appealing, according to the survey, they are taking the advice of others to influence their purchases.  What homeowners say and do can impact their circle of influence.  Consider the ripple effect if homeowners continued to seek out eco-friendly choices and helped educate their friends and family in the process.  If the industry can continue to offer more products in this category and help homeowners understand the benefits of the eco-friendly elements included, consider the ripple effect it could have on the adoption of eco-friendly products.  

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About the 2021 3M Home Renovation Study 

3M conducted an online survey with 1,585 homeowners. The results shared are statistically significant (i.e., the results were likely not due to chance). Survey respondents had joint or full responsibility for home decisions, started or completed a home renovation project between May 2020 and April 2021, and the demographics reflect the general population of homeowners over the age of 18.

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