Assessing the Top 3 Residential Roof Types

Storm Residential Roof Types
September 2, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By Storm Recovery Experts

Pros and cons of the Hip Roof, Gable Roof and Flat Roof and which roof type is the best across the board. 

From curb appeal to protecting your home, a roof serves a purpose. It is important to know the ins and outs that come with your roof so you can choose the best protection. The security of a roof extends to build type in addition to metal and shingle types.  

Here we outline the most common residential roof types: the Hip roof, the Gable roof and the Flat roof and how much protection they offer your home against the elements. 

Gable roof 


  • Cheaper and less complex to build. 

  • Does not allow for water accumulation. 

  • Perfect for places that get snow or occasional snow. 


  • Not suitable for extremely windy and stormy places. 

  • Limited roofing material options. 

  • Requires more monitoring after storms and maintenance. 

Hip roof  


  • Perfect for high wind storm areas. 

  • Doesn't allow for water accumulation. 

  • Due to the balance and symmetry on all four sides it offers durability. 


  • Costly installation (up to $50,000 to install). 

  • Like all roofs requires regular maintenance to avoid leaking issues. 

  • Improper installation could lead to bigger leaks and stability issues. 

Flat roof   


  • Easy and inexpensive repairs. 

  • Easy navigation on roof (for roof inspections, holiday decorations, etc.). 

  • Cost efficient because it can lower electrical costs. 


  • Difficult to find leaks because of overlapping materials. 

  • More susceptible to damage in colder temperatures. 

  • In some cases, requires a dangerous installation process that must be done by a professional. 

After seeing these pros and cons, it's clear how many differences these roof types have and what truly matters. In a hurricane capital like Florida, choosing the right one just may decide the fate of your home before, during and after a major storm event.  

So the question is, Hip Roof, Gable Roof or Flat Roof? 

After analyzing these roofs, Hip Roof is the winner. Gable roofs, if not installed properly can be torn right off by the corners. Flat roofs can be dangerous to install depending on the kind of material. Not to mention leaks are difficult to find, so after a storm event spotting and identifying any damages may be a bit harder. 

Hip roofs are the best against heavy storms. Hip roofs are cheaper than flat roofs and offer greater protection then a gable roof, becoming the safest affordable option. 

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Original article source: Storm Recovery Experts 


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