A Roof That Costs a Lot of Clams

September 26, 2013 at 12:00 a.m.

A roof that costs a lot of clams or not?

Roofing is one of the most expensive investments for your home. From roof removal, dry-rot-repairs, permit cost and the labor with materials. It can be thousands of dollars. Roof covers are made from many kinds of materials from asphalt, steel, concrete, clay, wood, thatch, palm trees even animal hides were used long ago. I have seen all types of materials natural and man-made products used to keep the elements out and keep the family warm and dry.

This roof is a first for me. I thought is great when I first saw it. The use of something plentiful on the shores of an ocean converted into something functional like a roof is amazing.

This roof design, from what I can see is the old technique of using a cap and pan system. It is very similar to a clay tile mission style roofing system. The shells are attached to the roof deck with the outside shell downward to make pan or cup and then the next row is set outside upwards to seashells for roofing make a cap. The rain runs off the cap and into the pan, which pours onto the next row of caps, continuing down the roof and keeping the dwelling dry. There are some sea shell sizing issues that make this roof a total custom-designed challenge, that I just think is very interesting to look at.

She sells seashells shingles, by the sea-shore. Say that one real fast. I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I did.

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Ottawa Roofing
February 26, 2014
Looks very interesting thanx for sharing.
July 27, 2014
Like your topics!

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