7 Ways Roofing Projects Can Stay on Track During the Pandemic

MRA Staying on Track During the Pandemic
February 2, 2021 at 12:26 p.m.

By Lauren White, RCS Assitant Editor. 

How to continue with home improvement projects while practicing social distancing. 

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted everyone’s schedules, plans and day-to-day lives. Many people are turning to DIY projects, but there are some essential projects that can’t be delayed and are difficult for homeowners to do themselves, such as replacing or repairing a roof.   

The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) has provided some tips to help keep home improvement projects going while supporting local professionals and the economy. 

1- Research 

Use your time at home to explore home improvement options that can increase your long-term investments.  It’s no secret that you are busy, so using some of this downtime to research projects and products thoroughly will help you make well-informed decisions.  Utilize free sources and online planning tools such as the MRA Buyer’s Guide and their eBook titled, Above All You Need a Great Roof.  Other MRA members also have free educational resources and information available online.  

“By doing your homework, asking the right questions and learning about available options, you’ll make better decisions that will ensure greater satisfaction over the long run,” said Dick Bus, MRA board president. “The good news is there are lots of resources out there designed to help homeowners do just that.” 

2 - Utilize online tools 

During this time of social distancing, face-to-face visits are on hold.  Utilizing technology makes it easy to “meet” contractors virtually via video conferencing or online meetings.  You can utilize the free MRA virtualizer to see what a new roof will look like without needing a physical site visit.  Additionally, collect photos, videos and ideas you like from Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram to share with your contractor virtually so he or she knows exactly what your vision is moving forward. 

3 - Use forums 

You can use online forums to ask questions about roof replacements without having to ask a contractor or tradesperson directly.  The MRA forum is supported by industry experts and MRA members who are “some of the most respected and knowledgeable manufacturers and installers in the business,” according to MRA.  The forum is highly popular and covers a variety of topics and advice about metal roofing. 

4 - Prioritize exterior projects  

Right now exterior projects are favored since interior projects, such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, require multiple tradespeople to be in and out of the house.  Since roofing requires very limited access to your home, the risk of exposure to others is minimal.   

5 - Open schedules 

Previously it might have been difficult to get on a contractor’s schedule or you might have been far down on the waiting list.  With the current circumstances, many home shows have been cancelled and commute and onsite visits are limited, meaning in-demand contractors and pros have openings in their schedules to take on new projects. Check back with a contractor or installer you had your heart set on to schedule your project.   

For independent businesses, write a review for a job well-done, or display a yard sign to show off a completed project.  These efforts are a great way to support contractors and installers as they navigate these challenging times. 

6 - Long term investments 

According to the MRA, “Economic uncertainty makes it more important than ever to consider projects that offer stronger long-term value and can even help save money over time.”  Right now, homeowners are likely to spend more for longer-lasting, energy efficient materials to make their homes more self-reliant.  Examples include energy efficient roof metals that can reduce energy costs or a rooftop solar system to become energy independent. 

7 - Ways to save 

There are other ways to save besides investing in energy efficient materials, like installing a metal roof.  “Today’s quality metal roofs can often be installed right over an existing asphalt roof, saving money on labor and tear off disposal costs,” the MRA shares.  There are multiple benefits to having a metal roof, including, they’re low maintenance, long lasting and protect homes from severe weather and extreme climate conditions. 

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