4 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Siding

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September 27, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.

By LP Building Solutions. 

Here’s what every first-time homeowner must know about maintaining or replacing their siding. 

There are many stressful elements when it comes to buying a home. Figuring out your budget or keeping track of your paperwork can be stressful enough as it is. Not to mention you have to take the time to tour potential properties in order to find your future, and hopefully forever, home. 

We’re here to help take the guesswork out of one part of the puzzle: your home’s exterior. Check out the following ways to make sure your new home’s siding is in great shape — or how to get started on a re-side project with one of the most durable siding solutions on the market: LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding

Tip 1 - Evaluate the current siding 

A lot of information can be gleaned by simply walking around the perimeter of the home and observing the details. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you evaluate what you see: 

  • What material is the current siding? Common siding options include vinyl, traditional wood and aluminum
  • Are there any obvious signs of damage? Common siding issues include chipping, cracking and peeling. 
  • Does the siding look like it was installed well? Are there noticeable gaps? Can you see areas where moisture can easily get in? 
  • Does the siding look like it’s been maintained well? Is it reasonably clean without signs of aging? 
  • Does the design and color choice match my style? Would you need to complete a re-side in order to have a cohesive look? Is modern farmhouse siding the look you’re going for? Think through your goals for your home’s overall aesthetic. 

Tip 2 - Take advantage of the home inspection 

Given the competitive nature of today’s home buying marketplace you may feel compelled to waive your home inspection to secure the home, but getting a thorough inspection completed by a qualified partner is critical. When you have your home’s exterior inspected, repairs may be identified, and some may be more urgent than others.  

If there are urgent repairs needed, consider how those will impact your budget. You’ll have a new mortgage to consider but also additional upfront costs to put new siding on the house. If repairs that can be delayed are called out by your inspector, it’s still worth it to consider completing them sooner rather than later. Leaving damage in place for too long can increase the chances that serious repairs will be needed, which can impact your budget significantly. 

Tip 3 - Consider a re-side 

If you’ve found a home that’s perfect for you but the siding needs repairs or a new look altogether, it’s time to consider a re-side. Think through these factors as you choose your next siding: 

  • Material: Choosing a durable material that can withstand the passage of time, as well as everyday bumps and bruises, is key. That’s where engineered wood siding comes in. LP SmartSide Trim & Siding is made with the LP® SmartGuard® Process, which includes four components of protection that help the product withstand impacts from hail, moisture and more while resisting fungal decay. Prefinished LP® SmartSide®ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding is also available in many popular siding colors that fit almost any style. Check out a top comparison, engineered wood siding vs. fiber cement
  • Climate: Where you live and the weather you deal with throughout the year can significantly impact your home. Choosing siding that can help withstand the effects of different weather events is critical. For example, LP SmartSide siding, when installed properly, can help protect your home from wind, impacts and moisture, making it ideal for a variety of climates. Erik Perkins of The Perkins Brothers always references weather conditions when he is speaking to his clients about siding selection. 

Tip 4: Think long-term 

Even though you’re just moving into your new home, it can’t hurt to think long-term. Not only should your siding last over time, but choosing a durable — and beautiful — type of siding can help increase resale value in the case you decide to move. Even selecting a particular color with long-term gains in mind can help. LP SmartSide ExpertFinish Trim & Siding offers a variety of colors as well as trendy bold options that can help you make a choice that will help you enjoy your home now and reap the benefits later. 

Starting your re-side with LP SmartSide Trim & Siding 

Ready to update your new home with durable, beautiful engineered wood siding? You can visualize your home’s new look with the LP® SmartSide® Home Visualizer, a siding visualizer tool that helps you experiment with colors, textures and more.  

If you’re looking for inspiration, our galleries are packed with modern design examples and siding design ideas. Get the process started by reviewing our hiring a contractor checklist

Original article source: LP Building Solutions

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