20 Sure Fire Ways to Create Curb Appeal

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August 1, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Kate Smith, Sensational Color.

"Top-Down" home improvement tips that boost curb appeal.

  1. What accounts for up to 30 percent of your view when you drive up to a home? The roof! Because of its prominence, your roof’s color should complement other exterior materials on your home to ensure an overall cohesive look.
  2. When it comes to windows, whether they blend in or stand out is your choice. From green to deep chocolate or a more metallic color such as bronze, painted frames can change up and enhance your curb appeal.
  3. Don’t forget millwork! New trim in a fresh color can intentionally call attention to other details of your home.
  4. Shutter switch-outs can also translate to surprising results when it comes to curb appeal. Set aside traditional colors and instead opt for contemporary variations, such as inky blue or deep chocolate brown or forest green. If your taste trend toward lighter colors think soft gray or taupe as an alternative to white.
  5. Modern front doors often make a statement. Whether it’s formal or playful, your front door color is a window into the people who live in the home. What does your front door say about you?
  6. Once you settle on a mood to convey with your front door color, don’t be shy when it comes to complementing your overall exterior color scheme. From pumpkin orange to nautical blue – even harvest gold – your choice can be as unique as you.
  7. If you’re fortunate enough to have a front porch, it’s a great place to add color — try painting the ceiling or adding new outdoor furniture. Pillows and cushions are welcoming and can add seasonality to your color scheme.
  8. Sprucing up rails, columns or porch posts? Updating these elements ca reinforce an attractive new look.
  9. Remember that attention-getting roof? Garage doors likewise take up 30 percent of the front view on a typical home. Replacing old garage doors with fashionable new ones gives you both a big place to introduce new color and a significant spot to increase your home’s curb appeal.
  10. It’s not technically part of your home, but landscaping definitely contributes to a home’s exterior appeal. Choose plants with color in mind just as you do with the manmade elements that collectively make up your exterior.

Additional Curb Appeal Tips

  1. Curb appeal isn’t just about color. Show the world upkeep is a priority from the top down by repairing any broken, loose, discolored or damaged roof shingles. If you’re replacing your roof completely, consider a colorful composite slate or shake roof with a long-term warranty that makes future maintenance a breeze.
  2. Continuing with the low-maintenance theme, updated energy-efficient windows help control your indoor climate and keep energy bills down.
  3. Is there room for a bay window in your home’s layout? Switching out a standard window with a bay or bow window adds exterior character and make the room feel larger inside.
  4. Erase years of wear and tear inside with fresh paint. Outside, expend some sweat equity and power wash your exterior as well as repair any rotting or rusted places before giving it a fresh coat.
  5. Home already sided? You can still make a statement by focusing on smaller spaces, including the front door, shutters, or trim.
  6. Remember your front door is a focal point for the front of your home. Whether you add decorative trim or a bespoke color that ties other exterior elements together, it’s the ideal place to make a powerful statement.
  7. When it comes to curb appeal, details are delightful. So don’t hesitate to add eye-pleasing window boxes, accent pots or hanging baskets full of colorful flowers that are sure to make people smile.
  8. Continuing the plant theme, a trellis over the garage opening does wonders for refreshing your home’s overall look. Keep the garage door color itself similar to the overall house and add complementary color with trim.
  9. Whether you have a green thumb or opt to hire a professional landscaper, use colorful shrubs and plants to create a maximum impact lawn.
  10. New plants and shrubs also soften transitions between lawn and house. They can hide your foundation too – just be sure to fill any bare spots and tame overgrowth for a consistent look.

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