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DaVinci Mike Cowan Champion Roofing

Contractor insights: Mike Cowan, Champion Roofing LLC

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Experienced roofer Mike Cowan answers homeowners' top questions about roofing. When it’s time to get straight answers about roofing, you want expert advice. That’s why our “Contractor Insights” feature was created. This month award-winning roofer Mike Cowan, owner of Champion Roofing LLC out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, provides guidance ...

DaVinci Clint Strober

Contractor insights: Clint Strober, Strober Roofing and Maintenance

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Experienced roofer Clint Strober answers homeowners' top questions about roofing. No matter what time of the year, if you need a roof, you need expert guidance. That’s why our “Contractor Insights” feature is so popular. It offers quick “things you need to know” advice from expert roofers. This month ...

Alex Walsh DuraShield

Contractor Insights: Alex Walsh, DuraShield Contracting

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Experienced roofer Alex Walsh answers homeowners top questions about roofing. You have questions, we have answers. Our Contractor Insights section brings you insights from some of the finest roofers across the nation. Today Alex Walsh with DuraShield Contracting, out of Wisconsin and Illinois, weighs in with insights you need ...

DaVinci Roofscapes Apex Home Solutions

Contractor Insights: Landon Coggins, Apex Home Solutions

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Experienced roofer Landon Coggins answers homeowners top questions about roofing. When you’re facing a roofing project, you have lots of questions. That’s why you’re here. That’s good, because we have down-to-earth answers. Our “Contractor Insights” feature connects you with the best roofers across America. This month experienced roofer Landon ...

Contractor profile Ryan Kruse

Contractor Insights: Ryan Kruse, FL Specialty Roofing

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Ryan Kruse, CFO of FL Specialty Roofing, shares the top three things homeowners should ask their roofers about roof replacements. When you start a roofing project you need top-line information, and you need it fast. That’s why we bring you our “Contractor Insights.” Who better to give you down-to-earth ...

AAR Maintaining your Building

Keep Your Building Healthy by Maintaining the Air Quality

By Cayden Wemple. Often overlooked, indoor air quality is a massive factor in maintaining overall building safety. There’s nothing worse than being in a building where it’s hard to breathe. It’s often not accounted for, but there’s a good chance that it’s hard to breathe because the air quality ...

Kokua Roofing Roofer of the Month

Kokua Roofing is the December R-Club Roofer of the Month

By Alec Doniger. A “culture of service” is essential to the success of Kokua Roofing. Kokua Roofing is based in Hawaii, and operates on five islands – Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai and the Big Island. To celebrate being announced as the RoofersCoffeeShop® Roofer of the Month, Megan Ellsworth sat down ...

Western Colloid URR Episode 1

What is the Difference? Roof Coatings Versus Roof Coating Systems

By Cass Jacoby. There are some big differences between a roof coating and a roof coating system that you need to know as a building owner in order to make smart roofing decisions. The Understanding Roof Restoration Podcast is a crash course into everything you need to know about ...

AAR Pod Beldon Prepare Roof for Winter

Advice for Maintaining Your Roof This Winter

By Alec Doniger. Mackenzie Beldon talks with AskARoofer™ about how to best protect your roof from harsh winter weather. Megan Ellsworth and Lauren White sat down with Mackenzie Beldon of Beldon Roofing to understand what to look for on your roof during the winter months. She is part of the ...

E2 Roofer of the Month

E2 Roofing is the August R-Club Roofer of the Month!

By Cass Jacoby. E2 Roofing has expanded and grown due to their excellent customer service that starts with education and attention to detail. RoofersCoffeeShop® is proud to present the honor of R-Club Roofer of the Month to E2 Roofing. E2 Roofing officially began its journey as “E2 Design ...

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