History of Roofing Rite Grade Red Cedar Shingles

History of Roofing Rite Grade Red Cedar Shingles

Rite Grade inspectedRite Grade Inspected Red Cedar Shingles on your roof in the early 1900’s meant you had quality inspected product prior to installation. This trademark was the property of over one hundred shingle mills that could use this label as proof of standards and quality of the members of the West Coast Lumbermen’s Association based at 483 Henry Blvd. Seattle Wash. These shingle mills produced 3.5 million squares annually in the early 1900 and having that label carried a guarantee of the product. As the shingles were installed these labels or flyers would  get mixed into the installation of the roof and years later when house is re-roofed, these are great little finds for we roofers to see back into the past. I have quite a collection of them, some in poor condition with nail holes and some with rodent chew marks but some very readable and interesting to look at.

Today there are similar labels inserted in the bundles of shakes and shingles that certify quality or tags to insure fire ratings. Most people never pay attention to them but we roofer see one for every bundle we install. Stay tune for a future blog I will put together showing off these labels I have collected.

This label explains the benefits of using Red Cedar Shingles. The cost savings of using skip sheathing vs solid decking, the weight of the roof and sheathing is less than tile and the insulation values of using wood as a roof is well known. These roofs also breath well. I could go on . . . .  but it is nice to just take a few minutes at look at the past and see the History of Roofing.




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