Fix a Noisy Downspout

How to fix a noisy downspout.

DRIPHave you ever laid in bed not being able to sleep because the downspout attached to the outside wall is near your bedroom and sounds like a snare drum echoing through your brain when it showers? Ting… ~ Ting… ~ Ting… I have had many calls about this problem over the years. This happens during the first winter after new gutters are installed. It is normally when a rectangular downspout material is used and the elbows are custom made. I have found the dripping sound is from a slight clog in the gutter and it is allowing only a small amount of water into the downspout, to free fall down the spout one drip at a time. It free falls the length of the gutter, gathering speed, only to be stopped abruptly at the bottom elbow, making that distrubing sound.

downspout tingOne way to fix this problem is very simple. You need to move the downspout just slightly to remove the chance of a free-falling drip. Typically there are two straps that hold the downspout in place. By removing the bottom strap and swinging the downspout to the right, or left, just a 1/2 of an inch, then re-attaching the strap. This will askew the downspout slightly and stop the free-falling drip form hitting the bottom elbow, making the water flow down the inside wall of the downspout.

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