Custom Downspouts The Art of Rain

Custom Downspouts The Art of Rain

Art of Rain Custom DownspoutsRain Gutters and Downspouts have been around to control water draining from our roofs for centuries. Rainwater can do much damage to landscaping or the dwelling if not controlled by downspouts or waterspouts directing water out and away from a building. Many architectural stone sculptures depicting some sort of animals can still be found on very old historical buildings and still function as a working part of the rain guttering system.

Over many years the downspout has been made of stone, clay, wood, chains, steel pipe and copper just to mention a few. Every once in a while I come across a contractor or manufacturer that does something very special with his trade and recently I discovered ART OF RAIN . Vladimir Sumchenko and his son Max produce some amazing craftsmanship. From Range Hoods, Chimney Tops, Water Fountains and Downspouts . . . .  you’ll be amazed at their old school talent being used on our homes today.

Custom Made Downspouts

Stainless steel downspoutHere to our top left is the results of Vladimir’s long hours and hard work to fill the request for a African Elephant downspout. From the many ideas and drawings Vladimir Sumchenko has captured the perfect form and shape of a pair of functioning downspouts for this home.  Bull horns were used for elephants tusks and dark glass beads for eyes. With the patina of the copper this makes a perfect feature of this home!

Horse DownspoutVladimir’s first job was at his own local church in the Ukraine, using stainless steel to custom make rain downspouts. His skills soon attracted much attention and from word of mouth his talent spread quickly around his community. These skills continued and with his son Max this family was very successful. Learning from his father skills and trade secrets the family came to the states as persecuted Christian refugees from former USSR and settled in the Portland, Oregon area. Using copper to replace stainless steel, Vladimir used to use, they continue using their craftsmanship, ethics and style that has become very popular even though in their line of work is almost 100 years old.

Art of Rain

For more information about Art of Rain please stop by their website.





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  1. Rod
    July 13, 00:21 Reply
    I have seen this companies work. Amazing.
  2. Torri
    August 26, 01:42 Reply
    These are so beautiful and amazing. Wish we saw more downspouts like that here in Tennessee!
  3. Todd Workman
    February 22, 17:51 Reply
    Wow those are really cool. I bet a lot of our roofing customers here in Florida would like those.
  4. Paul
    May 12, 14:03 Reply
    What amazing designs! love how original they are. great blog.
  5. Tye
    November 30, 14:08 Reply
    Great blog! Thanks for sharing!

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