5 Reasons to hire a certified roofing contractor

A roofing question came in this morning. I was asked if I knew a good roofing contractor in Portland, Washington area. It just so happens I have no solid contacts up there at this time that I felt comfortable referring. So I went back to what would I do mode, and responded to the roofing question with using a certified contractor list of one of the leading roofing manufactures.

Are manufactures certified roofing contractors better?Certified Roofing Contractors

It is true there are many good roofers out there you can use and get a great roof installed but finding them can be difficult especially if you are new to an area and just don’t know any roofers to call. Here are a few reasons why to try this option. Most leading roofing manufactures have what they call Platinum Preferred, Shingle Master, or Master Elite contractors that associate themselves with a manufacture. DID YOU KNOW?

  • Certified roofing contractors have normally been in the business for many years not just one or two years.
  • Certified roofing contractors are reviewed and have higher industry standards to comply too than most other contractors.
  • Certified roofing contractors can offer enhanced warranties others cannot?
  • Certified roofing contractors are trained and updated with technical guidance on the latest products available?
  • Certified roofing contractors are required to have all insurances in place?

Some roofing contractors may argue these points but the bottom line is the contractor that takes the time to learn his skill better is a true quality roofing contractor trying to serve his customers better.


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  1. Randy Patton
    April 15, 09:42 Reply
    Using a certified trained roofing contractors is the only way to go! They are much more reliable and helpful should you have a roof issue down the road. We only use trained contractors in our business. www.whiteroofingsystems.com
  2. Lukasz Sobczuk
    September 28, 13:03 Reply
    Great topic - hiring certified professionals in general assures higher industry & quality standards so if you can afford it, it's a no-brainer!

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