The Green Solution to High Energy Bills

Spark Solar Roof Work Green Solution
April 13, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Spark Solar. 

Spark Solar offers an easy and cost-effective solution to reduce energy bills and increase the value of homes. 

Solar panels have been on the rise in popularity for years now, and it’s been a wonder why more people don’t rely on them as their main energy source. Spark Solar suggests that going solar can save you money and even earn you payment for the energy they generate. 

Texas gets more sun than most of its 49 neighbors so how does solar energy work? Once installed, the solar panels collect the photons given off by the sunlight. When light energy strikes the panels, electrons are pushed to the inverter, which converts the energy from DC to AC so it can be used in the home. The inverter feeds the main service panel, which sends electricity through circuit breakers to the various light fixtures and outlets. At night, the solar panels go on standby and the house consumes electricity much like a regular house would, unless you install a solar battery for the panels to store energy. 

What else can solar do? 

Solar panel efficient – Solar can cut down an electricity bill by 50% to even 100%. As energy rates go up, we find ways to bring them down. 

Property value – Not only do you save money every month on bills but they can also increase your home’s value by up to 4%. 

Carbon neutral – Coal plants spew heavy carbon smoke, nuclear reactors produce waste that needs to be monitored for years after, and even hydroelectric changes the environment it is placed in. Solar produces nothing but clean renewable energy. 

Blackout safety – We all know, in Texas, when it gets hot, it gets HOT. And when it gets cold, Texans don’t know how to deal with the cold and neither does the power grid. Keep yourself and your families safe by providing their home with electricity during power outages 

Spark Solar is here for each Texan looking to cut down their electric bill and not rely on the energy grid. Making solar easy is what we do and with our free DIY process you can have an estimate within minutes. 

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Original article source: Spark Solar

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