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March 14, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Cayden Wemple. 

There is an ocean of criteria to look for when picking the right roofing system. MBCI has you covered during your decision-making process. 

When you’re thinking about basic human necessities, it’s hard to exclude the roof. Since the dawn of human existence, we’ve tried endless combinations of materials to make the most efficient roofs to keep us dry and protected. These days, whether it’s cedar, asphalt, metal or any other roofing material you can think of, MBCI has a great guide to picking the perfect roof for you. We’ll start with a very popular roof: the standing seam roof panel.  

Standing seam roof panel overview 

Featuring vertical or trapezoidal legs with a flat gap in between, standing seam roofs have panel edges that rise perpendicularly to meet the adjoining panel. These panels are joined through mechanical or hand-seaming at the joint, making them completely weatherproof and watertight. Their elevated design also contributes to their ability to keep water out. 


Using clips placed underneath, standing seam panels are attached to the substrate. According to Randy Tweedt, this installation technique enables the panels to accommodate thermal movement, making them an excellent choice for areas with fluctuating climates or temperatures throughout the day. Additionally, since standing seam roofs have few exposed fasteners, their weatherproofing is improved. Although the installation process for a standing seam roof is more time-consuming and costly due to the need for skill and precision, the investment pays off in terms of durability and high-quality results. 

Where they’re seen 

Standing seam roofs are often best suited for larger projects with intricate or visually appealing designs that are expected to have a long lifespan. This includes structures like retail stores, schools, commercial buildings and government facilities. 

If standing seam doesn’t seem like the right fit, there’s always the PBR or R-panel roof which can be perfectly efficient at a lower cost.  

R-panel roof overview 

PBR panel roofs are made of corrugated metal sheets that cover a width of 36 inches. Exposed fasteners go through the metal panel and into the substrate or structural components to secure it. 


PBR panels are easy and fast to install, without the high level of skill and precision required for a standing seam roof system. This saves money on labor and tool rentals, making them a popular choice for those on a budget. 

Where they’re seen 

PBR panels are frequently utilized for agricultural buildings such as barns, as well as for smaller projects like sheds, carports and similar structures. 

Read the full article for more information about the advantages and costs of standing-seam roofs and R-panel roofs. 

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