Fun With Roofing

DECRA Preserving Historic Architecture

Preserving Historic Architecture With DECRA Metal Roofing

By DECRA.  A new metal roof preserves the antique look of the Hearthstone House while protecting the historic artifacts inside the house.  There is a treasure of historic artifacts to protect under the Hearthstone House roof since the first power switch was thrown on September 30, 1882, making the mansion the first ...

mra featured metal homes

World’s Most Stunning Homes Feature Metal Roofs: Hope Residence

This home in Palm Springs, California, with its striking copper roof, appears to rise from the mountains. For a home that is nearly as famous and unique as the American entertainers who inspired it, the Hope Residence in Palm Springs has been compared to a spaceship, a mushroom and a volcano. Whatever ...

indigo autumn

Creativity Shines in This Contractor’s Designs

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor. Unique metal roofing tiles create beautiful works of art on more than just the roof. Professional roofing contractors know that a beautiful roof job can be a work of art, or even a masterpiece. At RoofersCoffeeShop®, we see photos of thousands of art-worthy roofing work, but ...

Ukraine Project III-min

Custom Downspouts - The Art of Rain

Rain Gutters and Downspouts have been around to control water draining from our roofs for centuries. Rainwater can do much damage to landscaping or the dwelling if not controlled by downspouts or waterspouts directing water out and away from a building. Many architectural stone sculptures depicting some sort of animals can still be found ...


Roof Art - A Mural for the Sky

Roof Art has been around for years. Normally the artwork is a theme of what the business is. Like different colors of shingles like that of a Minnesota barn, weaved into a 70-foot design of a brown and white dairy cow, or a bright yellow shark on top of a flat ...

Foo Dog Pack

Foo Dogs . . . . Up On A Roof

Foo Dog. An ancient Asian custom to use these on rooftops and entry gates to protect occupants inside from evils. These ferocious guard dogs come from a long pedigree, that interestingly can be found guarding homes in our modern-day neighborhoods. Just down the street from my house is a large pair ...

Bracklinn Falls bridge

Unique Copper Covered Bridge Gets Facelift

By Bob McCrickard. Bracklinn Falls Bridge received a much needed rebuild after it was washed away in a flood. Editor's note: While Bob may no longer be with us, he is still sharing his love of roofing with others. Enjoy one of his previous posts Bracklinn Falls Copper Covered Bridge is a cool ...


Fancy Butt Shingles on a Gable

These are special cut shingles that typically are applied to the exterior walls of a building or home. These shingles come in several shapes and designs. Made from a clear heartwood, western red cedar, they are rather costly to use on the whole roof or entire wall of a home but ...


History of Roofing - TiteLock Metal Shingles

A little Roofing History TiteLock metal shingles were manufactured by Milwaukee Corrugated CO. in the early 1900′s and were designed with a side lap locking joint system that concealed the nails holding the panels down and yet allowed for expansion and contraction. The stamped profile you see in the ad below ...

Doty lumber and shingles (2)

History of Roofing - C.A. Doty Shingle and Lumber

The Doty Lumber and Shingle Company were formed in Lewis County, Washington. After many years of developing a lumber company. Mr. Doty partnered with G. A. Onn in 1904, who was a proprietor of a shingle mill. Mr. Doty became the president and manager of the new company, with G.A. Onn ...

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