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IKO Cool Color Shingles

4 Reasons to Play it Cool With IKO Cambridge Cool Color Shingles

By Cass Jacoby. IKO Cambridge Cool Colors shingles offer beauty, quality and performance. Not to mention potential home energy savings! Cambridge Cool Color shingles make your roof cool in more than one way, offering cool roof compliance while sharing the durability and beauty of IKO Cambridge shingle line. Read on ...

RCS 300 Year old Roof

Check Out This 300-Year-Old Roof

By Cass Jacoby. Sitting within seven acres of California’s Silicon Valley is a piece of old Italy — literally. Estimated at $23 million, the Mediterranean-style villa located at 30 Trail Lane in Woodside, California, pans 7,956 square feet. According to The Sacramento Bee, many of its architectural elements were ...

RCS Switch to Cool Roof

Why You Should Switch to a Cool Roof

By Cass Jacoby. Save money and the environment by making a change as small as your roof color. Did you know your roof color could be costing you more money to cool your home or office building? In the summertime we tend to wear light-colored clothes because they keep us ...

DaVinci Composite Roof with Composite Slate

Seaside Home Replaces Original Slate Roof With Composite Slate

By DaVinci Roofscapes. When it came time to replace the original slate tiles on this over 100-year-old home, there was only one clear choice: DaVinci. Of the few surviving older homes in Atlantic City, New Jersey is the home of Adam Lavinsky, Linda Lavinsky and Adria and Mark Fishkin. Their ...

RCS Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple Replaces Roof Trusses

By Cass Jacoby. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seismically upgrades its roof. Over a year and a half into the Salt Lake temple renovation project and the excavation on the temple's north side continues to go strong. The project is a virtual nonstop effort as tons ...

RCS Steep Church

Famously Steep Church Roof in Redding, California Gets Replaced

By Cass Jacoby. After sustaining damage from a hailstorm, the First Presbyterian Church on Placer Street finds a solution to steep roof pitch problems in RestoreMasters Contracting LLC. A reroof of a church usually isn’t newsworthy, but the First Presbyterian Church on Placer Street in Redding is extremely ...


Add Some Color to Your Curb Appeal

By DaVinci Roofscapes Focusing on colorful accents can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal by giving it a cohesive look. When we talk about curb appeal, we are often talking about the colors of your home and how they complement your home. Using color strategically can add value to ...

RCS Lattice Room Tulum Train Station

Lattice Roof on Tulum Train Station Takes Cues from Mayan Design

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter. Aidia Studio contemporarily reinterprets Mayan architecture for new train station in Mexico. The upcoming Tulum Train Station in Mexico along the Riviera Maya has plans for the roof that are sure to dazzle. The 14,400 square-meter new structure will be made out of a ...

RCS Green Roof

5 Reasons You Should Turn Your Flat Roof Into a Garden

By Cass Jacoby. Garden roofs are more than just good for the environment, they are also good for your roof! Do you dream of transforming your flat roof, also known as a low-slope roof, into a green wonderland? Maybe you have thought about adding some greenery to your property, ...

RCS Canopy Roof

Undulating Canopy Roof Creates “Garden-Like Living Room for the City”

By Cass Jacoby. This roof was designed to build coherence and unity of indoor and outdoor spaces while making the three buildings it covers more energy efficient. The civic center in the city of Jiaxing, China will be topped with a continuous roof designed by architecture studio MAD. The canopy ...

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