Fun With Roofing


Fancy Butt Shingles on a Gable

These are special cut shingles that typically are applied to the exterior walls of a building or home. Butt shingles come in several shapes and designs. Made from a clear heartwood, western red cedar, they are rather costly to use on the whole roof or entire wall of a home but ...


History of Roofing - TiteLock Metal Shingles

A little Roofing History TiteLock metal shingles were manufactured by Milwaukee Corrugated CO. in the early 1900′s and were designed with a side lap locking joint system that concealed the nails holding the panels down and yet allowed for expansion and contraction. The stamped profile you see in the ad below ...

Doty lumber and shingles (2)

History of Roofing - C.A. Doty Shingle and Lumber

The Doty Lumber and Shingle Company were formed in Lewis County, Washington. After many years of developing a lumber company. Mr. Doty partnered with G. A. Onn in 1904, who was a proprietor of a shingle mill. Mr. Doty became the president and manager of the new company, with G.A. Onn ...

gone fishin

Roofing or Fishing What Do You Do?

Some days a guy just has to get away and do something fun. As the year of roofing grinds down and the rainy days produce some time off, a well deserved day on the river or lake can be just what we need to recharge our batteries. So get out the ...


AskaRoofer's What is it? Tool #8

What is it? This is a tool I purchased a few years ago off eBay and was listed as a shingle gauge. Me being interested in older roofing related tools, I bought it. Once I received in the mail, I tried to figure out what it was and how it was ...


Ask A Roofers - What is it? #7

This is a picture of my daughter a few years ago holding a “what is it” out in front of my shop. It is a part of a system that is installed on all kinds of roofs, all over the world. Do you have any idea what it is? Answer   Have a ...

cedar shakes

Cedar Shakes - A Lost Art

The lost art of installing cedar shakes. Yes, these are beautiful roofs but there are not as many cedar shake roofs being installed like once before. The high cost of running a lumber mill and tree hungers tying up the harvesting of the forests to save the spotted owls and other ...


A Roof That Costs a Lot of Clams

A roof that costs a lot of clams or not? Roofing is one of the most expensive investments for your home. From roof removal, dry-rot-repairs, permit cost and the labor with materials. It can be thousands of dollars. Roof covers are made from many kinds of materials from asphalt, steel, concrete, ...


See a Roof that is 230 feet long

Up in the Sierras of California, there is a small town called Bridgeport. It was established when the miners came looking for gold. It is said that “more money was made selling staples to the miners than the miners made finding gold.” This was also true when having to make your ...

birdhouse 1

Custom Bird House on a Roof

Many years ago I contracted to install a Cedar Shake roof in Sacramento... After we finished up the project, my customer was very happy but the lady asked me if I could go for a ride, she wanted to show me a house around the corner. So we jumped into my ...

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