The Roof Deployment Project is keeping our veterans safe this winter

CDG Roof Deployment Project
January 20, 2024 at 6:00 a.m.

By Emma Peterson.   

For U.S. army veteran Martin Thompson and his wife Carol Maddox, receiving a new roof on a Monday morning was a dream come true.  

A $42,000 price tag for a new roof is out of many people’s budgets, including Martin and Carol who didn’t know how they would get one before the cold Montana winter arrived. The couple’s roof had been in need of repairs, but the funds were never an option for them. Then, an early summer storm made the problems more pressing. Their backroom was significantly damaged, as Carol explained in an interview with KTVQ, “The ceiling just came down, it was pouring, and this (the floor) was all soaked.”  

The couple knew that, finances aside, they had to do something before winter. So, they went to get a quote from Donahue Roofing & Siding. After receiving a quote for the necessary repairs, things began to feel impossible with their limited budget. Mitch Donahue, owner of Donahue Roofing & Siding, in hopes of finding a way to help, asked if Martin happened to be a veteran, which he was.  

Mitch had just heard about the Roof Deployment Project from Owens Corning. The program donates needed materials to local contractors looking to help build roofs for veterans. For Martin, who served in the U.S. Army and was honorably discharged, having the opportunity to receive help from the Roof Deployment Project and Donahue Roofing & Siding was like a dream come true.  Carol was overwhelmed with emotion at the kindness, she shared, “It brings tears to my eyes because I can’t believe this is happening to us.” 

Mitch was more than happy to help and hopes to partner with the Roof Deployment Project and Purple Heart Homes to help more veterans like Martin in the future. He shared, “They’ve served their country and now they just need a little help, and we’re happy to provide that for them.” 

Photo Source: KTVQ News

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