The Right Clamp for Your Nail Strip Profile

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July 26, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Evelyn Witterholt. 

The NH 1.5 Clamp by S-5! ® is designed specifically for 1-1/2” nail strip metal roof profiles. 

If you’re a metal roof owner who’s looking to upgrade your roof with solar panels or snow retention, S-5! has just what you need to make that happen. As a stand-out provider of metal roof attachment solutions, S-5! offers a variety of clamps specifically tailored to your roof’s seam profile. One of their top-performing clamps is the NH 1.5 Clamp, designed specifically for standing seam metal roofs with nail strip profiles. 

The NH 1.5 Clamp is made for 1 ½'’ nail strip profiles, and it can be used to mount a variety of rooftop ancillaries. What sets this clamp apart from other products is its quality and cost-effectiveness. S-5! CEO Rob Haddock said, “Our research and development team spent months in concept and prototyping to come up with the most versatile, cost-effective and state-of-the art solution.” 

The NH 1.5 comes equipped with a hinge that forms to the seam of a metal roofing panel. This prevents potential damage at the attachment point without compromising the strength of the clamp. Installation is easy for contractors, thanks to its T-30 Torx setscrews. And easier installation for contractors, means less money out of your pocket for labor costs. 

Although this clamp is already a cost-effective option, you can also get the economical NH 1.5 Mini clamp for lighter-duty attachments. As with all S-5! clamps, both the 1.5 and Mini go through rigorous testing to ensure they can handle the load of the roof attachment.  

Visit the NH 1.5 Clamp product page to see if this clamp is the right choice for your metal roof. If you’re not sure, S-5! has a project configurator tool to help you determine which clamp is right for your metal roofing project. 

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