Q&A – Is This Change in my Roofing Contract Reasonable?

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July 19, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

This Pennsylvania homeowner wanted to know if a recent change in her roofing contract was a fair one. 

Kathy, a homeowner in Pennsylvania, signed a contract for a roof flashing job on her home. After the roofing contractor proposed a change to the contract, she was wondering if these changes were reasonable. She asked:  

Hello! I got a proposal and signed a contract with a roofer. The lead for the work crew called last night to say they’d like to start today. He also told me that, to do a good job, we need to add on an optional recommendation. He claims I discussed this with the salesperson back in April, but I don’t remember the conversation. I’m wondering, is this typical when the project moves from the salesperson to the work crew? Is this something I need to do to have a successful replacement? Is there anyway to get my deposit back at this point? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. 

John Kenney from Cotney Consulting Group had this to say in response to Kathy’s question:    


A professional roofing contractor would not approach a client like that. Any options on recommended upgrades should have been offered to you upfront, and your invoice should be final. At a minimum, I'd call the company and speak to an owner or senior manager. They may not even be aware that this is going on with employees. I would be guarded moving forward until you get some answers. 

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