Q & A - Loose Ridge Caps, What Can I Do ?

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January 21, 2014 at 12:00 a.m.

Ridge tiles are coming off of our new build roof, does replacing the end cap keep the rest of the ridges in place?  

Ryan asked, "Our new build roof has had some ridge tiles come off. A roofer advised us that the ridge screws weren’t long enough and that we should get the house builder to replace them. The house builder sent out their own roofer who replaced the end cap of the ridge. Would this be sufficient to keep the ridges in place if the kit screws are too short?"

Ridge board Ryan, Each ridge tile should be fastened to a nailer or set in cement or mortar. It sounds crazy but a loose un-nailed tile, sliding off the roof can do some damage to property or injury and possibly kill a person if hit. Write a stern letter to the builder and request that the roof is fully inspected and each tile secured to a nailer board, as seen in the photo to the right. Have them provide a roof certification of inspection and repair. Give them a reasonable deadline and if they do not meet the deadline call the local building department and manufacturer of the tile and get in writing the code for this installation. Follow up with one more letter with a copy of the code demanding this be repaired. Then, if no response in a reasonable time, pay for it to be repaired yourself. Then if you feel compelled to sue them in small claims court to recover your costs. Most homes have a one year warranty. No matter what happens you will have gotten it fixed and possibly save injury to someone later.

Good Luck, Bob.


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