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January 25, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

By DaVinci Roofscapes.

When it comes to finding a roofer, do your research ahead of time. Learn how this couple's luck turned around thanks to this roofing company.

Are you ready to get frustrated? And mad? And perhaps even a bit sad? 

Then you’ll feel just a bit of what Alan and Paige Sanders felt when their home builder scammed them. While it was a really bad situation, you’ll be happy to know that at the end of their journey, they also felt extremely grateful. That’s because an honest roofer turned a horrible situation into a much better one. 

Here’s their story. 

About three years ago Alan and Paige decided it was time to have a home built in their favorite town — Auburn, Alabama. The Auburn University fans were extremely excited to move to the city they loved. 

The Sanders did everything right. They located a builder and checked out his references. They worked with an architect, and they supervised the project while living more than an hour away. 

However, about six months into the construction, they noticed things were taking a turn that they didn’t like. 

When they asked their builder about the status of the high-end superior shingles they requested, he said they wouldn’t be available for nine months. That didn’t seem right. So, they checked in Auburn with a friend. Interestingly, the friend said the product was in the marketplace. 

Next, they decided a visit was in order. So they drove to Auburn and saw that a roof was already on their house — a very low-end asphalt shingle roof! 

“The wrong underlayment was used, and it wasn’t even installed to code in some areas,” says Paige Sanders. “That roof situation was the tip of the iceberg of problems with that builder.” 

Builder skips town 

Now the Sanders knew the situation was bad, but they tried to make it work with the builder. However, he continued to use cheaper materials than what their building contract called for. He pocketed the difference in price. He didn’t pay subcontractors for their work. Eventually he owed so many people that he went into hiding. Then he’d show up in another state scamming more families out of their money. 

As you can imagine, the Sanders have filed suit against the builder personally, as well as his business. They’ve also filed a claim with the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board, which is the state’s governing body over contractors. Other clients are also suing the same builder for similar problems. (See helpful tips at the bottom of this article) 

Fortunately, that’s not where this story ends. Because the roof was such a problem, it’s only the beginning. And it’s where the Sanders luck turned around. 

Searching for a better roof 

Alan and Paige moved into the Auburn house. They immediately noticed that the roof leaked constantly and demanded attention. Knowing how bad it was, they decided to cut their losses and start from scratch.  

Paige loved the look of traditional slate. However, she knew the cost of extra framing to carry the weight of the slate, along with the cost of materials and labor, were out of their budget. So she decided to look at composite slate materials. 

“I called and got samples of Enviroshake®, Brava, CeDUR™ and DaVinci Roofscapes™ shingles,” says Sanders. “Hands down, without a question, DaVinci is the best product we saw on the market. Their tiles look real and I like how they’re made.” 

When Paige called the customer service team at DaVinci they put her in touch with their regional representative, Mike Franck. Once he heard the story of the roof, he contacted Will Boyd with Renewal Roofing. Mike asked Will to travel from Atlanta to Alabama to meet with the Sanders. 

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on this roof,” says Boyd, owner of Renewal Roofing, LLC a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor. “The roof was only two years old but it was a complete mess. There was no choice other than to remove it and start again. I knew right away that the DaVinci Province™ Slate could transform this house and make a beautiful home exterior look even better.” 

Finding Renewal Roofing 

For insurance purposes, the Sanders had to get four roofing inspections and estimates. They did so and chose Renewal Roofing, even though the company was higher than the other DaVinci bid by $18,000. 

“Meeting Will was like meeting a family member for the first time,” says Paige. “Alan and I instantly liked him. Then, spending time with him while making the decision to replace the roof, we really trusted him. He was professional, friendly and sincere. His expertise was worth the peace-of-mind of knowing our roof would finally not leak!” 

New roof, new chapter 

The faith placed in the Renewal Roofing team was worth it for the Sanders. Will convinced them to choose the Slate Black color to create a striking contrast with their white home. Once the composite slate tiles started going up, both Paige and Alan loved the look. 

“Will is a great communicator,” says Sanders. “He let us know a timeline, did what he said he would, and then some. He protected our landscaping and even made sure our three dogs had outdoor access. The crew was professional and courteous. They worked through extremely hot temperatures and got the job done. The composite slate roof looks simply terrific and it’s bone dry inside our house!” 

The positive experience Alan and Paige ended up with has transported them from having the worst roof in the neighborhood to having a show home. Now they get compliments from neighbors and friends on a regular basis. And they’ve made life-long friends with roofer Will Boyd. 

“The Sanders are some of my favorite clients in all my 20 years of experience,” says Boyd. “Helping them was way more like helping family. They had a really rotten builder experience. Coming in and getting their home dry, with a reliable roof overhead, is truly rewarding.” 

Don’t get scammed: 

Learn more about DaVinci Roofscapes here.  

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Find your local roofing contractor in the RoofersCoffeeShop® Contractor Directory. 

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