When Disaster Strikes

MRA Canadian Weather

Metal Roof Stands Victorious Against Harsh Canadian Weather

By Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA).   Ontario homeowner’s new roof protects against blizzards, ice and extreme cold and looks good doing it.  The project  When homeowners in Ontario, Canda had an asphalt roof installed, they expected it to last longer than eight years, but it couldn’t withstand the wintery conditions. The shingles needed to be constantly replaced, and the appearance of the roof looked wearied. It was time to ...

GCP Prepare for Hurricane Season

Prepare for Hurricane Season with These Simple Steps

By GCP Applied Technologies.  Take action before the storm hits and reduce the risk of costly damages on your home.  Historically, the Atlantic hurricane season occurs between June 1 to November 30, with the highest levels of activity seen in September. Included within hurricane hazards are storm surges, high winds, tornadoes and flooding. In order to address these hazards, families, businesses and ...

Marco Roof Damage

What You Need to Know About Roof Damage

By Marco Industries.  Storm damage prevention tips to get your through storm season.  Storm season can be financially devastating for homeowners and building owners alike. It’s wise to know how you can protect your roof from costly storm damage.  Marco has posted about this topic before, outlining steps you can take to help during these times. But ...

Stormseal Tarp in a Wind Tunnel

Tarps Fail the Wind Tunnel Test

By Stormseal.  Stormseal proves superior to a tarpaulin in a video comparing wind tunnel tests. This video clearly demonstrates how tarpaulins fail to protect storm-damaged properties and can cause further harm. It shows a tarp covering an angled roof in a wind tunnel under simulated rain. Despite the use of ropes and sandbags to ...

Stormseal Hailstorm

Tarp Catches Wind, Pushing Homeowner to Seek New Solutions

By Stormseal.  Marg struggles with her tarp staying secure against high winds after her home maintains hailstorm damage.  Late in the afternoon a hailstorm hit Berowra Heights, Australia, seriously damaging Marg’s roof. "I had hundreds of cracked tiles and big holes that let the rain in,” said Marg. Her insurer sent in builders to install a tarp the next day to cover ...

Stormseal Sally Switched

Sally Switched to Stormseal

By Stormseal. After a calamitous hailstorm hit Sally Edwards’ home and tarps only exacerbated the damage, Sally turned to Stormseal to protect it from further damage. Sally was alone at her home in Berowra Heights when a hailstorm shattered her roof. “It was a terrifying experience...we had hundreds of broken tiles and ...

MRA Logo 600x300

A Perfect Storm: MRA Reports Roofing Material Supply Disruptions Have Contractors, Installers Scrambling for Options in Face of Fierce Forecasts

Shortages and disruptions in the residential asphalt shingle roofing supply chain are reportedly leading to long delay times and price increases in many regions. Shortages and disruptions in the residential asphalt shingle roofing supply chain are reportedly leading to long delay times and price increases in many regions, according to the ...

DaVinci Hail Damage Project

How Hail Damage Led this Homeowner to a Prettier and More Durable Roof

By DaVinci Roofscapes After discovering that his hail-damaged roof tiles have been discontinued, homeowner finds a stress-free solution. When crazy hail pelted Midland, Texas it destroyed more than 14,000 roofs. According to this Interactive Hail Map, the largest hail stones were 2.75 inches across.  “This was a major hail and windstorm,” says Mohan Singh, ...

Stormseal Right Protection

The Right Protection

By Stormseal.  After a tarp caused even more damage to their home, these homeowners decided to pursue other options.  A large hailstorm caused devastating damage to the home of Ryan and Chey Johnson located in Berowra, a suburb of Northern Sydney, Australia. They had just returned home after the happy arrival of their second child when the storm struck, causing the couple to figure ...

DECRA Ultimate Protection

Hail-weary Homeowners Turning to DECRA for Ultimate Protection

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor.  Once the neighbors in this Colorado Springs neighborhood saw how well the DECRA roof stood up to the hail, they knew that was the roofing solution they wanted to put on their homes. When you live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, you expect that the weather will ...

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