When Disaster Strikes

Davinci Storm Aftermath

Handling the aftermath of a storm

By Emma Peterson. Learn about what to do after a storm to make sure your roof is secure. In the inaugural episode of the AskARoofer podcast, Megan Ellsworth met with Mike Vaughn from DaVinci Roofscapes and Mark McMillan of Horn Brothers Roofing about storm safety and your roof. Taking ...

S-5! EF Roofs

The importance of using snow stops on EF roofs

By The Metal Roof Experts at S-5! Installing snow stops on exposed-fastened metal roofs is crucial to keeping everyone and everything around a commercial building or home safe throughout the winter. For those living in a snowy climate, it is imperative to have a snow retention system in place ...

Equipter Weather the Storm

Has Your Roof Weathered the Storm?

By Equipter. Here’s how to tell if your roof has been damaged after the latest storm. Different types of storms can damage your roof in many ways. While wind and hailstorms tend to cause the most visible damage, snow and ice storm damage can be harder to notice. There are ...

Westlake Ignition Resistance Built

The Roofing System That is Built to Resist Heat

By Robin Anderson, Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions. Learn how Unified Steel Stone Coated Roofing is proven to provide ignition resistance to homes. Over the past few years, wildfires have become more devastatingly destructive. Because of this, homeowners and roofing industry professionals have been seeking more ignition-resistant construction materials. The roof ...

Westlake Ignition Resistance

Homeowner’s Guide to Protecting Your Home During Fire Season

By Westlake Royal Roofing Solutions. If you live in areas prone to wildfire, here are some things you must know about protecting your house and family. Homeowners who live in areas susceptible to wildfires know that protecting their family and their homes is a top priority. If you are looking ...

All Points Hurricanes in Florida

How to Prepare as Hurricane Season Strikes

By All Points Tile and Slate. In hurricane prone states, it is important to consider measures that can be taken to reinforce your roof and protect against potential damage. Hurricane season is upon us, and it’s already proving to be dangerous and destructive as storms make landfall. Roofs that are ...

when disaster strikes

How to Mitigate Damages When Disasters are Unavoidable

What to do when your roof is damaged by hail, fire, windstorms and other natural disasters. Hurricanes, wildfires, derechos, oh my! Natural disasters continue to devastate the United States, not only affecting the land, but also our homes and our roofs. So what should you do when disaster strikes? A damaged or ...

RPS Window Being Repaired

5 Ways to Protect and Reinforce Windows This Hurricane Season

By RPS Metal Roofing and Siding, Inc. Whether you’re in an area susceptible to hurricanes or just experiencing heavy storms, windows are incredibly important to ensure they have added protection. When it comes to hurricane season, it is more than just a home’s roof that needs protection. Windows are particularly ...

Royalty Protection Against the Elements

Reinforce Your Knowledge to Ensure Protection Against the Elements

By Royalty Companies. If you live in an area susceptible to hurricanes or other extreme weather, it is important to understand which roofing materials will best protect your home. While there is no guarantee to protect your home against extreme weather events, understanding the role of roofing materials can help ...

Davinci hail damaged wood shake roof

What do I do When Hail Damages my Roof?

By DaVinci Roofscapes. Experienced roofer Erika Smith shares insight on what homeowners can do when hail damages their roof. It takes only 10 minutes. A fast, unexpected hail storm pounds down hard. Suddenly you’re left with a pock-marked roof and months of headaches. It’s okay. We’ve got insightful tips from an experienced ...

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