Do It Yourself

RCS Planning a Home Reno

Your Guide to Planning a Home Renovation

By Cass Jacoby. As pandemic conditions improve, you will want to make sure you have the budget and financing to make your project goals come true. Suffice to say everyone spent a lot of time at home in 2020, and with that everyone has become acutely acquainted with the renovations ...

MBTech Install Self-Stick SA Cap

See for Yourself How Easy Self-Stick SA Cap is for Contractors to Install

By MBTechnology. MBTechnology’s installation video shows off the effortless installation process of their Self-stick SA Cap membrane. MBTechnology, a leading manufacturer of affordable, premium roofing and underlayment systems, shows in their instructional video the versatile and easy application of the Self-stick SA Cap membrane. Self-Stick SA Cap is a ...

Sashco Caulking Tips

Caulking Tips: Keys to Success

By Sashco. Why use caulk? What is its purpose? We've got some caulking tips for you! Caulk is made to seal out water, air, dust, pollution, insects and noise. Caulk can also simply dress up or give a finished look an otherwise rough-appearing joint. Most normal latex caulks will crack ...

MRA Staying on Track During the Pandemic

7 Ways Roofing Projects Can Stay on Track During the Pandemic

By Lauren White, RCS Assitant Editor. How to continue with home improvement projects while practicing social distancing. The coronavirus crisis has disrupted everyone’s schedules, plans and day-to-day lives. Many people are turning to DIY projects, but there are some essential projects that can’t be delayed and are difficult for homeowners ...

Christmas lights on home

5 Tips for Hanging Holiday Lights

By Oklahoma Roofing Contractors Association. Use this holiday roof lighting guide to safely hang your lights this year. ‘Tis the season for holiday lights! As you walk around your neighborhood you’ll notice rooftops, trees and some hard-to-reach places adorned with lights. Whether it’s your first time hanging lights or you’re ...

heat stroke

Tips for Roofing in the Summer Heat

Roofing when the temperatures get well into the ’90s and hotter can be a challenge to anyone installing a roof. From my perspective being an installer for many years, it is a surprise how the body adapts to the heat as long as there are gradual climbs in the higher temperature. ...

safety cartoon

Safety on a Roof - Dangers of Doing Your Own Roof

Every year there are job site injuries where the pros get hurt or even die. Roofing falls, cuts from metal, electrical shocks, eye punctures from flying objects are just a few things that contribute to these injuries. This is the subject of our blog today, Safety on a Roof. Professional roofers ...

Pitch Guage

Q & A - Pitch of My Roof, the Easy Way to Find Out

Finding the pitch of my roof can be a challenge when you don’t know how, or it can be really simple. The pitch of the roof is the angle of the slope. There are steep roofs that are difficult to walk on then there are flat roofs and all between. The ...

ladder safety

Ladder Safety for Roofing

Whether you are a professional or a do it your self guy, ladder falls can injure or even kill you. Did you know OSHA requires your ladder to be three feet above the roof deck? This gives the person climbing the ladder something to hold on to as they access on ...

stolen tiles

Repairing and Matching a Broken Tile

Broken tiles on a roof can sometimes be difficult to repair perfectly. Looking at that beautiful tile roof and it has a couple of miss-colored tiles on it makes it looked trashed. The manufactures sometimes discontinue a product line of colors from time to time, so finding one or more ...

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