The Ingenius Design of TUBOS Makes Adding Vent Pipe Extensions a Breeze!

TUBOS Vent Pipe Extensions
May 4, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.

By Anna Lockhart.  

Ever heard of TUBOS? These unique prefabricated vent pipe extensions are changing the game for roofs everywhere!  

User-friendly and easy to install, TUBOS pipe extensions can be installed in just about any location where the vent pipe’s height above the existing level of a finished roof system surface doesn’t comply with the minimum local building code requirements. Manufactured with standard diameter vent pipes in mind, TUOBS are prefabricated with integral six-inch long pipe joint splice sleeve inserts on both ends of each unit.  

TUBOS offers contractors a reliable solution that they can trust to fix a vent pipe issue. Offered in a range of 2”, 3” and 4” diameter sizes, TUBOS works with just about any PVC and cast-iron pipes contractors may encounter on a project. Contractors never know when they might need a quick solution where a product like TUBOS might come in handy! Keeping them on-hand is a guaranteed way to ensure a project will always get done when it comes to venting pipe solutions and ensuring building owners get the best, long-lasting solutions they deserve!  

Installing TUBOS products is incredibly simple and quick. By selecting the appropriate-sized component and inserting it into the existing plumbing vent pipe, it is then marked to the code-required height and cut. Once the extension and vent pipe are cleaned of any dirt, dust or debris the extension is sealed in place with an adhesive. This also stops methane gas from leaking out. An approved pipe flashing is then installed, following the recommendations of the manufacturer. It’s that simple, preventing future ventilation headaches for the building owner.

TUBOS fills a void in the roofing industry that has made the product indispensable for those who have discovered their handiness, making it a must-have solution for many contractors across North America.

Learn more about the benefits of using TUBOS in your next major home or business project.

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About Anna

Anna Lockhart is a content administrator/writer for the Coffee Shops and AskARoofer™. When she’s not working, she’s most likely to be found with her nose in a book or attempting to master a new cookie recipe. 

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