Q & A - Repointing a Tile Roof

repointing weep holes
February 12, 2014 at 12:00 a.m.

What does 'repoint ridges' mean?

Repointing and a tile roof repair question was asked by Natalia, "When roofer sells 'repoint ridges' what does it mean? Is there any approved technical roofers code he must follow?"

The term repointing is used when the hips, ridge and even rakes on a tile roof have had the mortar crack and break up. This sometimes leaves a void where water can be driven up under the tiles or allow birds and rodents to borrow in and make their nest under the tiles.

tile ridge with cracks - needs repointing Needs repointing

This is caused by the expansion and contraction of the home or building. Over the years the mortar can break up as shown in the picture. repointing weep holes.

A little tip, at the base of the repointing every few feet, should have a small weep hole placed in the mortar to drain any water that may have entered the roofing system.

Repointing is the art of filling these cracks and sealing up all the voids to make your roof waterproof again. Please see the short video from our friends at Total Roof Restoration that will help explain what repointing is.

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