Don’t Forget to Ask Your Siding Repair Contractor These 7 Questions

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November 13, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By LP Building Solutions. 

Feel confident about your investment by ensuring a qualified professional completes your repair. 

We get it. You probably just want to sign the dotted line and relieve yourself of the stress that comes with planning your home repair. Don’t be so hasty, though! Make sure to bring up these seven questions with your siding repair contractor. Confirm they’re a professional; don’t put your home in the hands of an unlicensed repairman.  

1 - “How many years of experience do you have?” 

If a siding installation contractor has maintained business in your area for several years, he or she may have a reputation to uphold. Ask your contractor for a business card or letterhead with a local, physical address. It may be advisable to avoid contractors that utilize a post office box, a possible sign they are out-of-towners who may only be looking to make a quick buck before leaving town. 

2 - “Can you provide me with your business license (if applicable), registration and insurance?” 

Protect your remodeling project from unnecessary obstacles by making sure your siding contractor is properly licensed or registered to perform the work. Verify insurance coverage to protect you from liability in the event of an accident. 

3 - “Do you have references?” 

Make sure to ask for references from customers in your area. Ask to see pictures of completed remodels and have the contractor explain why they included each reference in their portfolio. 

4 - “Does your estimate include all costs?” 

Verify that the estimate includes labor, materials, waste removal, applicable permits and any other contractor incidentals. During any remodeling process, unforeseen problems may be revealed when your original siding is removed. This may increase your estimate if you choose to have your contractor complete the repairs. 

5 - “What are the product and workmanship warranties?” 

Verify that your contractor is fully aware of the product and workmanship warranties that may come with all the materials used in your remodeling job to avoid any issues if a repair is needed in the future. 

6 - “Who will supervise the site on a daily basis and how often will we be in contact?” 

Before hiring a contractor, find out whether the work will be subcontracted and supervised or whether your contractor’s employees will be performing the work. It’s important to know that your project will be properly managed from start to finish. 

7 - “How long will the project take?” 

Weather can always cause delays in completion of your home renovation project. However, you’ll want to avoid a contractor who starts your project and then takes off for a week to work on other projects. Make sure your project will be worked on continuously until it’s complete. 

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Original article source: LP Building Solutions

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