Western Red Cedar Shingles

Western Red Cedar Shingles

Roofing in Roseville, CA in 1906 was the boom year for this little town. As you can see the cedar shingles were attached directly to skip sheathing. Cedar shingle were very popular as roof coverings in those days with hundreds of shingle mills from California to Canada, there was plenty of trees to fill the demand for wood shingles.

The railroad moved from Rocklin to Roseville as there was a serious shortage of housing. People were anxious to get out of their tents, especially those with families. This photo illustrates three of the many houses, or bungalows as they were called, that were built specifically for railroad families to rent.  These homes were built by James Astill. The Astill’s are eight-generation Roseville residents, and two of the three houses in this picture remain in the family today.
Ask A Roofer Thank you goes out to Phoebe Astill for sharing the upper photo. It is from the collection of the Roseville Historical Society, Carnegie Library Museum  557 Lincoln St. Roseville, CA 95678.
The drawing to the left is part of a ad and shows a shingle using a hatchet to trim the ridge-cap on overlay of “cedar over cedar” which in most places was an acceptable practice. To this day we still find these types of roofs buried under multiple layers of asphalt shingles or shakes.

After WW ll Toke and Lincoln Meeker owners of the Meeker Mills really started pushing the larger cedar shake that is interlaced with #30 felt and eventually took over the wood roof market out west. Presently the wood products must meet a fire rating in California and their market share has been replaced by the popularity of the designer asphalt shingle.




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