Understanding Your Roof

AKA – Roofing 101

This information we have posted is valuable whether you are going to hire a contractor or you want to install or repair your own roof.  Knowing roofing terms, what roofs look like and what products are used to repair them will get you on the right track for whatever your plans.  We have listed four category’s to the right that should give you are really good basic education. The roof below is a very complicated design with all types of terms for each point, shape, and section.


The AskARoofer website has many photos and explanations of the different facets of a roof.
Still have questions?  Well we also have a button just for that in the right column. Just ask . . . .

Going to try and measure a roof like this one? This roof would give even a seasoned estimator nightmares. Visit the hundreds of roofing blogs here for tips on roofing your home.