Tile Roofs, How long do they last?

Tile Roofs, How long do they last?

Debris in Valley Clean Your ValleyTile Roofs, How long do they last? It really depends on the roofing system below the tile. We call this the underlayment. Having the best underlayment you can afford is the best advice I can give you because it is the last stand in your defense against moisture intrusion. The lifespan of a tile roof can also depend on the traffic that walks on it. Some times there are not choices. . . . You need to have maintenance done on your roof like the HVAC or just removing the leaves and debris that can build up in the valley areas. I would say the valleys are the biggest problem because of leaves and other debris can dam up the water and allow it to move sideways. Having a great underlayment is a key part of any roofing system but with tile roofs-They have a space between the tile and roof deck that traps the debris and over just a few years it can cause major damage. Remember trees are nice for shade but leaves are a enemy to a roof.

Many years ago the villa type concrete tile was installed hanging it directly to the skip sheathing. { In approved Regions } The tile profile was such as it kept the water in the pan section as it flowed down the roof. Many of these roofs are still performing today. With the introduction of flat profiled concrete tiles, the water would get under the tile entering at the bond and without any underlayment, it would never make it past the first rain of the season. Solid sheathing then was required with battens installed to hang the tile from. Debris in ValleyThese battens would have a little gaps about every four feet, so water could escape and continue flowing down the roof. After a few years it became known that the debris would dam up behind these battens the underlayment spliced anywhere near a batten leaked. This could happen in the first ten years. Soon Synthetic underlayment became a better part of the system and more attention given to valleys and protrusions. A tile will last many years because it is concrete. The tile system may last fifty plus years, some considerably less. It all depends on the underlayment and the roofing system used.

Leaves and Debris in Valleys are Roof Killers

For a hybrid steep slope roof design just use the green question box and use the words “Roof Killers”. I will review the value of an elevated batten system for tile roof with an email.



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