Roofing in the Summer Heat

Roofing in the Summer Heat

Roofing when the temperatures get well into the 90’s and hotter can be a challenge to anyone installing a roof. From my perspective being a installer for many years it is a surprise how the body adapts to the heat as long as there are gradual climbs in the higher temperature. I definitely would suffer when working in reasonable spring weather, then, having a big jump into the 100’s.

So what roofing tips can we give for those that working in the hot summer months?

Roofing in the summerDrink plenty of water to hydrate your body.

Wear a light colored shirt. This helps reflect the heat away from your body. Darker shirts like black red and green for example, absorb the heat and can raise your body temperature.

Wear a hat. This also helps cool the top of your head. In extreme heat, keeping my head shaded throughout the day would keep me cooler. When taking a break a splash of water thgrough my hair is very refreshing and is just like how our bodies produce water to cool it down.

Using tools with wood or rubber handles. Grabbing a  metal flat bar or cats paw setting in the sun, will burn your hand no matter how tough you think you are.
When roofing on steeper roofs, the shingles can get scared or marked up from traffic or working in one area too long because the asphalt gets very soft. Here Ronny Roseveare uses a Slator Roof Bracket for safety and a working platform.

Always use personnel fall protection. If you faint because of the heat at least you won’t fall off the roof if you pass-out.

We work around metal we nickname flashings because when the summer sun hit them they flash into our eyes. Wearing  a good pair of shade safety glasses is a great way to protect your eyes from the bright sun and flying objects.

Summer Heat Takes Good Planning

Plan your day so you are in a open area to catch any breeze there may be or planning to be working in the shade if possible, in the most hottest parts of the day. When re-roofing homes, a mature tree overhanging the house is a great places to be in the afternoon.

Most roofers know how hot in can be working on tar paper. This black felt absorbs the heat like a asphalt road you see in the summer. You know that heat you actually can see rising off the road. Trust me it gets that hot up there.

Take a break and sit in the shade if you start feeling dizzy or light headed. Heat stroke can kill you or effect you in a way you may fall and get injured.

Keep an eye on your employees or work mates as they may not recognize the symptoms of heat stroke. Acting lethargic, stumbling, speak incoherently, are just a few signs to watch for.

As professionals we are very lucky when we have an employer that has regular safety meeting. Summer heat is a needed topic to discuss so we can gain better understanding, as to how, to work in extreme heat conditions. We need to keep the roofing projects going even in the hot summer months but not at the expense of a life or injury. Keeping we worker informed helps us in the manor.

Using the lighter color underlayment reflects the heat upwards and away for you. Just like wearing the lighter color shirts vs darker. It keeps you cooler as you install the product then also cooler, as you install you roofing shingles over the top of it.

Summer Heat is here and we need to be reminded of these couple of helping aids to make are jobs run smoother, safer and more comfortable.

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  1. Jamie
    June 23, 16:21 Reply
    This is a great blog, thank you for putting it up! Roofing can be a dangerous pursuit in the best of conditions, but when it is hot in the summer as a roofer you need to be extra careful.
  2. Storm Group
    September 05, 03:30 Reply
    In the hot summer months you should be careful when installing the roof. Great article.
  3. Kit
    October 13, 03:46 Reply
    Working in San Antonio, we feel the heat in the summer months. We try to start very early in the hot months and finish around 3 pm if possible. Drinking water is the most important tip - I've seen some accidents in the past because someone was light headed on a roof. Not a great combo!
  4. Aaron
    November 07, 23:57 Reply
    Great article. We are in the Concord, NC area, and I personally try and keep my roofers hydrated. One year, I about suffered a heat stroke. Was not paying attention to my lack of fluid intake, and BOOM!... Fell right to the ground. Luckily, I was not on the roof. Thanks for writing.
  5. Heightsafe Systems Ltd.
    March 12, 06:42 Reply
    This was a great read! Thanks for sharing an informative article. Keep sharing this type of informative blog.

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