Measuring a Roof, the smart way to get started

roof plansCorrect Roof Mesasurements are important to have to make your roofing project runs smoothly. They are just like building a home, a set of plans are needed to produce the job. They allow you to see the house and prepare for ordering the materials needed and costing. It would be foolish to start a job without them. You may have heard of aerial roof reports or maybe not, but this web page will give a brief review to show the value of ordering aerial roof measurements for your home prior to getting started with that roof.

Most roofers will measure the roof by climbing up the ladder and using a tape measure. They will get all the measurements they need to produce the job, and after a little math they can make estimates and provide you a bid to do the roof job. Measuring a roofWhat do you do as a home owner if you are doing this project your self? Here is an example of a roof that would make any roofer crazy measuring. This roof has 61 different facets and with all the different pitches, hips, valleys, rakes and ridges,  not to mention being very steep in places to walk, I would have been here a long time measuring this roof. With an aerial roof measurement it takes away the difficulty, risk to falls, time to measure and chances for errors are all taken away from the scenario.

aerial roof measurementsHere we see 1 page out of 14 pages, of an actual roof measurements report ordered for this house. This page gives the perimeter, hips, valleys, ridge and rake of the entire roof. There are several key pages like this that provide full drawings of a complicated roof like this one. They show a page for the pitches or degrees of every facet of the home, a pages for the rafter runs, a page for total sqs. of each facet. several angles of the house and then a detail page for placing an order for materials. This technology uses aerial photography and satellite imagery, combined with GPS, resulting in very accurate roof measurements.

Measure a roof safely

These roof measurements are a safe way to measure the roof, and will provide all the information you need to cost the roofing project out or to provide to your roofing contractor for a bid to do the roof. These reports are easy to understand and just take a day or two, to prepare, and then will be emailed to you. For more information about ordering one of these reports ask for help using the green question button on the side bar.