Rain Gutters When is the best time to install them?

Rain Gutters When is the best time to install them?

Installing Rain Gutters can be done without removing the roof. It is wise to have a rain gutters contractor that understands all types of roofing since gutters are typically attached to edge of roofs. If a rain gutter system is not installed correctly and work well with the existing roofing system you have . . . . .the results can be a disaster.

Here in Sacramento Ca we have a rain gutter contractor Jesse DeLamorten of First Choice Gutters. Jesse has spent most of his career in the roofing industry. Shifting his direction to installing rain gutters about ten years ago he provides a great rain gutter service because he also understand how roofs work. first Choice Gutters combines those two trades together, making a great rain gutter system for your home or business that will provide many years of service without hassles.

So what is the best time to do my gutters? When asked this Jesse form from First Choice Gutters says; ” It is a good idea to install new gutters on a bare roof. There can be damage done to the roof be removing and tucking the gutters. Most gutters systems here out west, have a lip that goes under the shingle or tile and must be tucked if installing gutters with the roof on. A lip-less gutter needs to be installed with a drip edge, both are hard to do the an existing roof and tend to be a dollar or two more per foot.
If the budget allows it, do the gutters at the same time the roof is being replace, because the bond between the roof eave and gutter system can be installed with the best results plus be lest costly.

If you live in the greater Sacramento, CA area, please give Jesse a call from First Choice Gutters. Having brand new seamless gutters gives your house the facelift it needs.

First Choice Gutters * (916) 870-9915 * Ask for Jesse DeLamorton * firstchoicegutters@gmail.com

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  1. Tony
    September 03, 02:58 Reply
    Here in the south along the Gulf Coast, the end of summer means the hurricane season is upon us. As we saw the last few days Hermone came across the tip of Florida did a boomerang hook and slammed into northern Florida crossing the state and spinning up the eastern seaboard. This will open up the opportunity for many out of town roofing companies to prey upon locals. There are just too many roofs needing to be done and many residents that just cant wait for one of their local companies or the promise of an incredible price is too much to resist. I have seen all too often a shoddy job, inferior materials or corners cut to save money, only to have a very unhappy homeowner and no contractor to be found because he is gone to another town in another state. Never to return. My advise is cover your roof with plastic sheeting and Wait until a locale company can get to you. You will be happier in the long run, and your insurance company will work with you. Tony Bleuel, Beaumont Texas
  2. Steve
    September 10, 03:56 Reply
    We try to educate our customers on this exact thing. If someone is paying for a new roof, they should invest in the whole roofing system to ensure all of the pieces work well together and are aesthetically pleasing. Great post!
  3. Lindsey @roofers maryland
    February 28, 06:27 Reply
    Well, I can't stop looking at your work. I just love your work art. I am also a Roofing Contractor working in Maryland. I always try to apply at my work practically. A big thanks :)
    • Sunshine
      March 09, 09:29 Reply
      I don't know who you wrote this for but you helped a brother out.
  4. Ridley Fitzgerald
    November 09, 13:45 Reply
    It's good to know when to get new gutters. I think we need new ones, since the ones out there now are leaking. We'll be sure to take your advice and get gutters that are compatible with the roof we have.

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