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surenail technologyOwens Corning SureNail Technology has changed the playing field in the asphalt shingles industry. It was introduced a few years back and with a few changes has improved greatly, in my opinion. The improvements like moving the nail area downward and on to the doubled area where the two parts of the shingle overlap is a huge benefit. This by itself gives the shingle the strength to fight against blow offs but Owens Corning has gone a few steps farther and actually embedded a tough woven engineered fiber strip into this nail zone. Having a reinforced nail strip makes an amazingly strong shingle that resists nail blow threw and high wind blow offs.
The main reason shingles blow off is of poor nailing and nail placement. If you do not nail a shingle in the correct area it will not perform like it could if was nailed properly. The SureNail Technology simply takes the dummy out of the process by giving you a no questions asked target area to nail this shingle. I know it sounds way to simple, but if you have seen the shingles blown offs I have seen over the years because of poor nailing you would understand my excitement in this new technology. The SureNail Technology is available only with the TruDefinition and Duration shingles from Owens Corning.
You may ask why hasn’t this been invented before? I don’t know but it is a welcomed idea in the roofing industry. I like it.

Here is a four minute video from Owens Corning.  Video about Sure Nail Technology.



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