History of Roofing, W C Bell Roof Seamer

History of Roofing, W C Bell Roof Seamer

W C BellRoofing Tools from way back are not just to look at but can be helpful in our modern day. In fact this Roofing Edger / Seamer could still be use today. The same principles are use for forming and extruding roofing panels on the modern day job site. This metal form setting tool on this green table is still functional and one of Alex Alpert’s favorite in his collection.

Patent Alex Alpert of Gilbert & Becker Co., Inc. is a full service Union Roofing Contractor serving the Boston, Massachusetts area. Gilbert and Becker Co. has been installing roofs for over 67 years and specializes in slate, copper, historical roof restorations. Alex has collected many antique roofing tools during his career. This W.C. Bell Roofing Edger dates back to September 7, 1880. It was manufactured in Syracuse N.Y. and no doubt used on some of the same roofs Gilbert and Becker restore today.  Knowing how those old tools worked and how the old craftsmen did things”back in the day,” helps Alpert and his company deal with modern day restorations requiring old specifications to be maintained in the historic restorations they do.

Roof Edger Saves Labor

Roofing SeamerThis metal roofing machine could turn up the two different height edges to create a standing seam panel as quickly as you could turn the crank wheel. This saves allot of time using this rather than the hand seamer to make the two different  bends upwards. Once the two edges were turned up, the roofer could use his hand seamer / anvil or a double seamer to turn and complete the standing seam.

Collecting tools is a fun hobby especially when it is related to the trade you are in. Thank you Alex for sharing these photos of The William C. Bell Metal Roofing Machine.




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