Questions To Ask


Some roofers can be intimidating. They drive up in there large trucks and speak using strange terms like Valley, Hips, Underlay, Flashings and sometimes a long list of roofing products which is difficult to understand. Don’t be shy when talking to your roofer. Do a little homework about roofing. Have a list of questions to ask him. Below is a basic list your can use to help you find a good roofer. Go ahead and print it to use for each contractor you interview.

If you are a roofer and reading this blog, use this list to be prepared to provide information like this to earn the home owners business.

Is a license required in your state to do my roof? If so what is your Number?
Are you insured with Workers Compensation and Liability? Please provide a Certificate.
Are you Bonded incase you are unable to complete the roof?
How many years of experience does you have?
How many years have you been in business?
Do you have any certifications from any roofing manufacturers?
Can you provide a list of roofs in this area so you can could look at them?
Have you installed the type of roofing you like?
Will you be tearing off the old roof?
Will it cover it the same day?
What is his plan if we have bad weather?
Is clean up included in his bid?
Will he replace old roof vents?
Please explain how you will terminate roof at any walls?
Will there be a foreman on the project everyday?
If not, will you be able to communicate with his installers.
Is he subcontracting this project or any part of it?
Do we need a permit from the building department and who is responsible for getting it?
How do we handle any changes in the original contract? (Additions or deletions to the contract)

Discuss in advance what happens if he uncovers damage that he didn’t see before. When your roof gets torn off he could find wood damage, mold, or animals, which isn’t included in his bid. How should you prepare for those additional costs? What is the worst-case scenario?

It is wise to include every thing you what done in your contract or it might not get done.

The best people to verify the quality of the installation is the people they have previously installed a roof for. Ask the contractor if they have a job in progress that you can drive by and look at. See how the jobsite looks; ask the homeowners if this has been a good experience so far. Call for a referral on a job a few years old, did they have to call the contractor back?

Asking your roofer these question should help you decide who to choose.