Dura Ridge by Owens Corning

Dura Ridge by Owens Corning

Dura Ridge, is an old name in the roofing industry but now Owens Corning has a completely new product with a new look. I recently was asked what the difference was between Dura Ridge and another product. I explained to the person asking the question . . . . that the Dura Ridge was a ridge cap discontinued in the mid nineties. He sent me an email with a brochure from Owens Corning that showed a ridge cap called Dura Ridge. After reading the brochure I could see there were great features to this new ridge cap and different than others.
Ridge Caps are the trim pieces of a steep sloped roof that finish off the top part of a roof and are also used on the hips. This is why it is some times called “hip and ridge”. These are even installed on the gable ends by some roofers, to give the gable edge of a roof a tile wrapped  but not recommended. It is one of the most important parts of the roof and is one of the first parts of a roof to fail. It is exposed to the harshest of winds as it blows across your roof tops. Many lesser quality ridge caps blow off because of high winds. Often I receive a calls from a worried customers that sees these ridge caps on the lawn only to find out by the color it has blown off from their neighbors roof.

Ridge Caps get hit the hardest from wind.

O-C-Dura RidgeNow Owens Corning has designed Dura Ridge to withstand 130 MPH winds. Perfect for the high winds of the mid-west. The Dura Ridge is made to be flexible for all pitched roofs. The mat is made with a SBS modified fiberglass, to be super strong to fight the winds from ripping and being torn off. . . . . but the best feature I like about the new Dura Ridge is the Owens Corning Sure Nail Technology that has been added to the design.
Sure Nail Technology is a patented design used on Owens Corning Duration Premium shingles. It provides a large target area for the roofer to nail the shingles and now the Dura Ridge Ridge Cap. This area is re-enforced with a woven engineered fabric embedded in the nailing area that holds the mat down better than any shingle product I have seen. With this added strength it keeps the Dura Ridge up on the roof where it is suppose to be and not in your neighbor yard down the street. Having this Sure Nail Technology on Dura Ridge is a true home run for Owens Corning. It is also a home run for the roofers using it and the most important, the home owners that live underneath a roof having it installed.

Video about Sure Nail Technology.



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