Local Building Departments

Some Rules For Roofing

Building Codes.  There are rules established by the Federal, State, County and City Governments on how to install a roof properly so it is built to ‘code’.   The installation instructions provided by the roofing manufacturer should meet most requirements and most practices are the same across the country.  Keep in mind you should still check as certain areas have a few different rules or building codes.  In  Florida they may have special requirements for wind uplift.  California has Title-24 Cool Roof laws.  Unfortunately, if you did your homework,  you might find that you know more than your city inspector!

Permits are required for an entire roof or an addition but not usually for minor repairs.  A lot of people don’t ‘pull’ permits but if you get caught without one you may pay a fine or have to remove the roof so the city can inspect what’s underneath.

Here are a few invaluable resources for you:

This link will help  you find the important national building codes and approvals.
National Roofing Contractors Association – Building Codes and Standards

Here are a few resources to help you find your local building department:
MyBuildingDepartment.com or BuildingViolation.com 

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