Doing It Yourself

Going to try to re-roof or repair it yourself?

The most important thing above all is your safety. When Popular Mechanics’ “expert DIY guy” lists roofing as one of the top five “don’t do-it-yourself projects,” it’s worth noting. It is best for you to hire a licensed contractor to do your roof. Chances are you haven’t walked on many roofs in your lifetime so you may not be trained on how to get on and off a roof not to mention installing one. Two big causes for concern are ladder injuries and falls off the roof. We highly advise hiring someone. It is just not worth the risk.


We’ve posted some tricks and tips along with our other category, Understanding Your Roof.  We also have resources so you can get the proper permit in your area.  You don’t want to get caught without a permit, I have seen and known of brand new roofs that had to be torn off because of not having proper inspections required on a permit . Check your local Building Department.

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