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3 Benefits of Aluminum Soffit

Even though many homes do have soffit installed, many homeowners aren’t completely aware of what it is. If you look up at your homes eaves, or even the eaves of

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Roofing in San Antonio, Texas

Fall Rains Bring Challenges to Roofing Projects. Submitted by Kit England, Rio Blanco Roofing & Restoration in San Antonio Two schools of thought exist on what is the best time of

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Roofing in Orangevale, CA

Roofing in Orangevale, CA? Anderson Roofing provides all types of roofing services including seamless rain gutters and skylights in the Orangevale area. We also service the surrounding areas of Sacramento

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Rain Gutters When is the best time to install them?

Installing Rain Gutters can be done without removing the roof. It is wise to have a rain gutters contractor that understands all types of roofing since gutters are typically attached

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5 Common Customer Issues Superior Roofers Don’t Deal With

The average homeowner is unable to tell the difference between any two roofing companies. That is why if you really want to stand out in the roofing industry, you have

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Roofing your own house, does it save money?

So you want to save some money and do your own roof. You have a hammer, a saw and some common sense. It can’t be that hard. I can appreciate

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Find a Leak in my Roof

Leaky roof? Here is a tip on finding that leak. Access the roof in the area of the leak, with the ladder extending 3 feet beyond the gutter for safety. Have someone

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Noisy Downspout Keeping You Up At Night?

Can’t sleep because the downspout sounds like a snare drum echoing through your brain at night? Ting… ~ Ting… ~ Ting… This is a common problem when a gutter system

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Roofers Tip Of The Day

Roofing tips are sometimes called trade secrets that the roofers have learned by their fathers, mentors, and trainers. Many years of repairing and installing roofs we roofers see mistakes and

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Felt vs Synthetic Underlayment

Felt vs Synthetic Underlayment What is the best to use? Why are there so many types of underlayments and which one is the best to use? For many years the