Roof Safety

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Fall Protection for Roofing Workers

When working on an exterior home design project there are few areas as dangerous as the roof. When you get multiple workers within a small area, as well as tools

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4 Ways We Keep Our Roofing Contractors Safe!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports roofing to be among one of the most dangerous and injury-prone jobs a person could have. It ranks right up there beside aircraft pilots,

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Roofing in the Summer Heat

Roofing when the temperatures get well into the 90’s and hotter can be a challenge to anyone installing a roof. From my perspective being a installer for many years it

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How Drones Are Impacting the Roofing Industry Today

Drones were invented specifically for military missions. Now, any person, military or not, can fly these unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. Because of the recent interest in drones, businesses are

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How to install Underlayment

Installing underlayment is important because it keeps the house or building dry. Some re-roofing jobs can stretch out for a few days and having a great underlayment installed always helped me

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Safety on a Roof. . . .Dangers of doing your Roof

  Every year there are job site injuries where the pros. get hurt or even die. Roofing falls, cuts from metal, electrical shocks, eye punctures from flying objects are just a

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Slator Roof Brackets

Roof Safety is important to all of us no matter if you are a professional roofer, up on a roof all day or a “do it yourselfer” up on a

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Ladder Safety for Roofing

Ladder safety is just smart to do. Whether you are a professional or a do it your self guy ladder falls can injure or even kill you. Did you know OSHA requires

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Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety is very important thing to be aware of when accessing the roof, cleaning the gutters or just general maintenance around the home.  It may surprise you that ladder falls are one

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Acro Building Systems

ACRO Building Systems manufactures  the #12070 Steep Slope Guardrail System. It is a system that is simple as using toe board bracket, because that’s what they are. It is a beefed up bracket installed into the

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