Asphalt shingles do they really last a lifetime?

Steve asked, How long do those lifetime shingles last?
roofing warrantyI get this question asked many times. The answer is not so easy to give because there really are so many variables that affects the performance of asphalt shingles. I know that’s not what you want to hear Steve, but it is true.
In my opinion there are three major reasons why roofs fail. One is because of installer error, second is poor attic ventilation and third mother natures extreme weather. All affect the performance that the shingles have no control over.
Most manufactures of asphalt shingles claim a lifetime limited warranty which are prorated. They will have many “outs” to their warranty, these “outs” mean applications must be done as per manufactures specification, and if not installed properly, the warranty is void. On the other hand these manufactures have great specification that have been tested under the harshest conditions and. if those specifications are followed to the T, I believe these shingle systems could last well past thirty years.

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    November 10, 07:38 Reply
    Well stated, HOWEVER: If the customer will contact the manufacturer and VERIFY that the installer is manufacturer certified to the exact product being installed and gets this in writing then they can NOT legally void the warranty no matter how badly the installer performs. The certification by the manufacturer that the installer is trained and meets the manufacturer quality and installation standards is enough to assure that your guaranty or warranty will prevail over their attempts to void it. Think of yourself sitting on a jury and hearing and seeing that an installer in certified by the manufacturer and then the manufacture saying the install did not meet specification!

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