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About AskARoofer.com and Our Technical Advisor Bob

Bob was trained by his father Bob Sr. Starting in 1971 installing roofing specializing in cedar shakes. Sr. and his partner’s Ernie Norten and Richard McCray would pay Bob a buck a bundle to hand nail cedar shakes. Sr. has been and always be a source of knowledge and continues to be such. In 1979 Bob Jr. joined the union as a journeyman and continued producing roofs for ten years for a company called Dynamic Roofing in Sacramento CA. In 1989 he began contracting in Sacramento with his father and for next 17 years specialized in the re-roofing industry primarily steep slope roofing applications.

Cedar Skake RoofsAfter helping homeowners over the years he realized that there were common questions that people kept asking.  So about 2005 he launched the AskARoofer.com website to answer those questions and others from the online community.

Within this site you will see roofing photos and “How To Roof” video’s along with other resources, all of them designed to help you with the knowledge you need to make good roofing related choices. This photo was taken at our place of business in 2002. The Sacramento Shingle Co. is gone now but there are good memories and many happy customers.

Why does Bob take the time to help YOU understand Roofing?

It gives him a chance to give back to the roofing community that has helped him earn a living and take care of his family over these many years.  If he can help one do-it-yourselfer roof safely or help a consumer protect himself from a crooked contractor,  that is payment enough. There is a saying Bob likes; “The only thing you can truly own is knowledge. For you can sell it or give it away but always keep it” Von Dutch

Bob McCrickard Jr. is not a licensed contractor in California and cannot contract roofing or home improvements any more. He is a roofing consultant and is not required by law to be licensed when providing advice.

If you are in the Sacramento area and you would like Bob to help you understand your roofing project or find you a great contractor, please contact him Here.


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  1. Jan Cooksey
    November 03, 16:13 Reply
    thanks Bob for your response on a insurance wanting to not comply.. will use your letter in helping them to understand roofing..

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