5 Common Customer Issues Superior Roofers Don’t Deal With

5 Common Customer Issues Superior Roofers Don’t Deal With

The average homeowner is unable to tell the difference between any two roofing companies. That is why if you really want to stand out in the roofing industry, you have to make sure that you’re different – that you offer more than your competitors do, and that you do so in a way that creates more satisfied customers.

If you want to make sure that you are a roofing company that is truly going to make an impact in the local community, it starts with making sure you provide a better customer experience than your competitors. The following are several ways that you can stand out from your competition, all without spending any additional money.

Common Issues Consumers Have with Roofers

1.) Untrained Customer Service

It all starts with making sure that each and every person that works for your company is trained in providing outstanding customer service. They should be taught how to be friendly with customers, how to make sure they are polite and courteous even during their work, and how to make sure that the quality of their service is memorable.

2.) Showing Late (or Not At All)

You would be surprised how many roofers do not show up on time – if they show up at all. Stick to a strict schedule with open communication if there are any delays, and make sure you are consistently organized so that you never miss your appointments.

3.) Shady Pricing and Pressure to Pay

Yes, roofers need to make a profit too. But that doesn’t mean they need to engage in high pressure sales, secretive charges, padded numbers, and more, all to make an easy dollar. Roofers that are open, honest, and careful with their quotes will make more sales, experience more repeat business, and have their services recommended to others.

4.) Little to No Communication

Roofing is often a major expense. For customers, that means a lot of stress, as they worry about whether it will get done, when it will get done, how much it will cost, and more. Communicating with the customer openly and honestly decreases those fears and improves service.

5.) Lack of Oversight/Inspection

Finally, many roofing companies have technicians finish a job and move on. The companies that take the time to make sure the job was done correctly, by giving it a thorough inspection from a trained professional before showing it to the customer and finishing the project are the ones that make a true impact.

Be the Better Roofer

The secret to becoming a truly trusted, respected, and valued roofing company is to be one that looks at roofing from the customer’s perspective, not from the perspective of a profit. Those are the companies that are going to stand out in the market, and the companies that offer the most to the consumer.


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Tim Sistrunk writes for Newman Roofing , a Columbus Roofing Contractor serving the roof repair and replacement needs of Central Ohio homeowners and real estate professionals since 1992.



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  1. Brandon
    April 28, 02:59 Reply
    These are all very relevant points. We utilize text messages to keep our customers updated on the progress of their roofing project.
  2. Jeff Cardenas
    September 08, 08:47 Reply
    This is quite an innovative subject you have come up with. I have found some inventive facts from this article. Finding a good contractor is important — a home improvement project gone wrong can cost you. A good ad isn’t proof a contractor doe’s quality work. Find out for yourself. Check with friends, neighbors, or co-workers who’ve had improvement work done, and check out a contractor’s reputation on online ratings sites you trust. Lining up a good contractor to properly install a roof reduces the need for future repairs. Therefore, you should look for an established company whose record and reputation you can check out. Nice instructions on this topic.
  3. Steve
    September 14, 04:38 Reply
    Most of our clients are obtained through referrals, all because we go the extra mile to be friendly and respectable to everyone.
  4. Aaron
    October 24, 21:36 Reply
    Great points. I recently had to fire one of our sales guys, because he constantly over-promised on things we couldn't deliver due to staffing issues. So I'd add that you should always make sure you under-promise and over-deliver. That way, your customers are never disappointed. In fact, most of the time, they'll be even happier when the job is done and willing to vouch for your services and refer you to their friends. Result: your business grows. Win-win! Thanks for this post.
  5. Paul Anderson
    November 03, 12:34 Reply
    One major tip for roofing companies who are using the internet to grab business is to have relevant content on your home page. It will make all the difference in the world when it comes to driving traffic to the site and ranking within a Google search. Too often we see roofing sites with very little content on the home page. A good way to obtain proper key words for your site is to do a Google search for the word "roofer" or "roofing" and then type the letter A - it will bring up recent searches for words that people search for with the letter A - such as "roofing asphalt", then proceed to go thru the alphabet to capture all relevant keywords and try to incorporate them within your sites content. Just a little tip for those folks trying to improve their website traffic.
  6. Stewart's Tree
    December 04, 22:34 Reply
    In trades like roofing, and construction in general, there are a number of bad contractors that give the industry a bad rep. This article addresses some very real issues, and I believe it points to some good solutions. Thanks for the info.
  7. Lubbock painters
    May 13, 00:47 Reply
    Thanks for the info. WE work with many roofers and we see many of the main points you are refering too.

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