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History of Roofing Old Roofing Wagon

Henry R. Woeckener. Here we have a great look into the past and History of Roofing. Henry R. Woeckener’s horse drawn roofing wagon. Specailizing in Tin, Slate, and Galvanized Roofing. Offering

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Find a Leak in my Roof

Leaky roof? Here is a tip on finding that leak. Access the roof in the area of the leak, with the ladder extending 3 feet beyond the gutter for safety. Have someone

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Shake Roofs How long do they last?

Shake roofs have been a popular choice of roof covering for many years. Since shakes are typically made from red cedar they have a charm that many architects and homeowner

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Should you DIY or hire a contractor to do your roof?

Information about how to tackle DIY projects has become far more easily accessible and such projects have begun to grow in popularity. However, before undertaking a DIY project, there are

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Noisy Downspout Keeping You Up At Night?

Can’t sleep because the downspout sounds like a snare drum echoing through your brain at night? Ting… ~ Ting… ~ Ting… This is a common problem when a gutter system

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History of Roofing, W C Bell Roof Seamer

Roofing Tools from way back are not just to look at but can be helpful in our modern day. In fact this Roofing Edger / Seamer could still be use today.

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Roofing in Westerville, Ohio

Need a Roofer in Westerville? Hi, I am Tim Newman. Since 1992, Newman Roofing has been providing professional, reliable roofing services to customers throughout Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. We

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Roofers Tip Of The Day

Roofing tips are sometimes called trade secrets that the roofers have learned by their fathers, mentors, and trainers. Many years of repairing and installing roofs we roofers see mistakes and

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What to Do When You Discover a Roof Leak?

If you have discovered a leak in your roof, it is imperative that you fix it immediately. Do this even if you are planning on getting a new roof soon,

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Steeple Roof with Lucian Csiszar

Roofing a steeple roof like this one. . . . is not for the faint of heart. Roofing at heights of 68 meters, Lucian Csiszar has quite the view of the Romanian